Boys, oh boy!

After my breakup with J, I began to date–at the “ripe old age” of 14!  Once again I wonder what were my parents thinking?

My second relationship with a boy was rather short-lived.  For the sake of his privacy, I’ll call this boyfriend D.  I got together with D through a friend of mine.  I thought D “hung the moon”!  He took me to the local fair and won two stuffed animals for me!  Do you have any idea how impressive that is to a 14 year old???

The problem with D was this.  Everything that we did together involved the friend that introduced us.  She was dating D‘s best friend and the two of them were “knee deep” in our business.  This soon led to a breakup.  I sent D packing, along with the two stuffed animals!

There was a lull in my social life, then I discovered I needed to invite a date to the Spanish Club dance.  I don’t know how his name came up, but I decided to invite someone I’ll call G.  G was from a neighboring town and didn’t really know me.  I got up my nerve and called him up.  We never did go to that dance, but we started dating.  Now G  was a “cutie”!  He had dark hair, dark skin, and piercing dark eyes.  He was always dressed so neat!!!  He was what people today would refer to as eye candy.  We dated for about six months, but things just didn’t work out for us in the end and we went our seperate ways.  It was mostly his idea to split and I didn’t take it too well.  I ended up getting myself a date with his best friend for spite, which wasn’t a nice thing to do I suppose.  I’ll swear that friend had more hands than an octopus on our first date, so there was no follow up date!

By this time summer was rolling around again.  The summer was slow for me socially.  After Mr. Octopus,  I only dated one other guy  a couple of times.  I went out-of-town to visit my older brother, who was married, and he introduced me to someone that he knew.  I can’t even remember the guy’s name, but he took me out twice–then I made the mistake of telling him my age!  I never saw hide nor hair of him after that!  I suppose that he viewed 14 as jailbait.

It was August and my cousin, Sue, was in town visiting.  She stayed with her family at another aunt’s house most of the time, but would usually spend at least one night with me.  We’d stay up all night and do crazy things like rub mayonaise in our hair!  Well, it seems Sue had an eye for boys, too.  Sue had just turned 16 and I was just before turning 15.  Sue had three boy cousins living at the house where she was visiting.  The oldest cousin, Ed, had a friend named Tim.  Sue had “eyes” for Tim.

Sue came up with a plan.  She asked her cousin, Ed, to go on a blind double date with her cousin Kathy(me).  Are you following this???  It turns out that Sue’s mother (Ed’s mother’s sister) was married to Sue’s daddy(my daddy’s brother).  I know it gets confusing, but Ed and I were both kin to Sue, but not to each other!  Sue went out with Ed’s friend, Tim.

The date was interesting.  We went to the drive-in movie and the original “Dr. Dolittle” was playing.  Ed was a perfect gentleman, while Tim was “all hands”.  Ed and I tried to watch the movie while listening to Sue fight Tim off the entire time.  Needless to say, Sue and Tim didn’t hit it off, but Ed and I did!  Remember when I told you about my seventh grade crush on my future hubby?  Yep, it was Sue’s cousin, Ed.

Now, before I end this post I have to reflect back and think if I would do anything different if I could go back…Nope, not a thing!  You see, I know I got the cream of the crop  when I married Ed.  As for those other guys I dated…J had a heartattack at an early age and I am not sure what ever happened after that…D died several years ago of cancer…and G never did get married–he still lives with his mother!

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