My future in-laws….

I feel like I just have to post about my in-laws.  Some people don’t like their in-laws, some people hate their in-laws, but I have always loved my in-laws since the day I met them back in 1969.

Kathy visiting Ed's family

Kathy visiting Ed's family

I felt at home with them from day one.  My mother-in-law says she can still remember me sitting on the steps of their carport watching Ed work on his car.(Ed did a lot of working on his car in those days…) 

My in-laws were the kind of people who treated everyone like family.  They never met strangers, and I was no exception.  They invited me along for the ride each time Ed left for a new destination in the army, and they invited me along for the ride to pick him up at the airport when he came home.  In addition to that, I spent many weekends at their house while Ed was away.  It wasn’t uncommon for Ed’s mom and me to go shopping on a Saturday.  I felt a part of Ed’s family long before he and I ever got married.  I think being with each other helped fill the void we felt during

Huge red dog

Huge red dog

 Ed’s absence.

There are two things that I remember in particular about Ed’s parents from those early days.  First of all, they bought this huge red and white stuffed dog that I’d been admiring in a store downtown,   and surprised me with it at Christmas.  I was so thrilled!  I kept that huge dog on my bed the whole time Ed was overseas.  The second thing that comes to mind is the goats that they had back then.  Ed’s daddy had lots of goats, all colors and sizes.  They were so funny!  They’d eat virtually anything.  Goats like to climb and Ed’s daddy built a ramp leading from the ground up to the boys’ old treehouse and taught those goats to walk the ramp up into the treehouse. 

Goats in the treehouse

Goats in the treehouse

 What a sight that was!  Those were the days…

If I could go back and change anything, would I?  Absolutely, positively, no!  I can honestly say, without hesitation, that I was blessed with the best in-laws anyone could ever have.  They always treated me like a daughter, and I’ve always loved them like parents.  How blessed I was–even way back then!

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