Tiny tales that I forgot to tell….

Before I go any further with this blog, I have to back up and mention a few interesting things that just didn’t fit in with any of the other posts. 

First of all, if you read my posts from the beginning, you will remember that  Ed and I double dated on our first date with Tim and Sue.  Did I mention that Tim and Ed joined the army together.  Not long after Ed and I began dating, Tim began to date a girl named Pat.  Pat was two years older than me, but we became friends.  Here’s where the story takes an interesting twist…

Pat’s parents didn’t like Tim.  He had a bit of a bad boy reputation.  Well, Tim came up with this idea for Ed to pick up Pat at her house, meet him down the road and switch off before Ed picked me up.  Pat’s parents had no problem with Ed, in fact he’d dated Pat before,  so it worked like a charm…until I started thinking!  I thought, what if Pat gets pregnant?  Everyone will assume Ed is the father!  Not long after that, Ed stopped picking up Pat for Tim!!!

matching swimsuits

matching swimsuits

Pat and Tim continued to date, despite her parents disapproval.  Pat and I spent a good bit of time together while the guys were in the army, while they were gone to Texas, but before they went to Okinawa.  We kept each other company while the guys when the guys were away.  We both liked to sew and once we actually made matching bathing suits!  We also had a moment of insanity with a bucket of paint and a brush one night on a country road….

roadside graffiti

roadside graffiti

Time marched on and Pat graduated from high school that same year– 1970.  Later that  summer, after a few months of dating,  Pat and Tim eloped!  So, Pat went to Okinawa with Tim, while I stayed home and finished high school…

I am sure having Tim and Pat over in Okinawa made the tour over there a little more pleasant for Ed.  He’d go over to their house and visit them sometimes.  He and Tim also spent some time diving and doing stuff together.   Pat  wrote letters to me and life in Okinawa sounded so different. I was sort of glad that I wasn’t there.  I don’t think I would’ve liked it very much except for being with Ed.

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