Did I tell you???

I am calling this post “Did I tell you” because it is full of interesting things that I wanted to tell, but  they didn’t fit in with the other posts.

Did I tell you that when I was in high school that I was a library helper?  Did I tell you that one day the school librarian called me into her office to tell me that I was too young to be engaged and I was wasting my life?  The nerve of some people!

Did I tell you that one day while Ed was overseas I got an anonymous phone call from a male?  Did I tell you that this male proceeded to say to me “I know about you and Rick with the blue Corvette!”?  He also said that he planned to tell Ed about “us”.  Now, I didn’t know anyone named Rick and I sure didn’t know anyone with a blue Corvette!  This unfounded accusation caused me much worry.  I was innocent, but I couldn’t figure out who the accuser was or why.  Many months later, the person who called(one of Ed’s acquaintances) confessed to making the call, admitted that he’d made a mistake and apologized.  Gee thanks!

Last but not least, did I tell you that my friends, Holly and Bo, took Ed and me to the beach on graduation night?  The four of us decided to ride down to Tybee Beach, about 70 miles away, just to walk the beach and have a little fun.  It was one of those things that we did on a whim.

It was pretty late when we arrived at the beach since it was after the graduation ceremony.  The four of us just walked the beach and laughed and talked.  After a while, we got back in the car and headed back home.  Several miles down the road, after we’d left the beach far behind, we got pulled over by a cop.   The cop began to tell us that there was a curfew at the beach and we had violated it.  We explained to him that we weren’t aware of a curfew and that nobody had said anything to us while we were on the beach.  He went on to say that we must pay the fine right then or go to jail.  We were horrified!  You never saw so much digging and pooling of money to come up with the money!  Luckily–or unluckily– now that we think of it, we had enough money between us.  We paid the cop and came home.

We’ve thought about that incident many times and now we believe that the cop put the money in his pocket!  We’ve never heard of any such thing happening to anyone else.  We believe if the cop had been “on the up and up” he would’ve stopped us at the beach and ticketed us.  Of course we were young and foolish and scared to death, so we paid the money without question.

If I’d known then what I know now, I would’ve told the cop that we didn’t have the money and he’d just have to take us to jail.  I wonder what he’d have said to that…..

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