Our first “child”

Ed began working at one of the hospitals in the city, while I stayed home and kept the house.  It was quite a change for me–to marry and move to a city where I didn’t know anyone.  Remember, I also didn’t drive at the time, so I was stuck at home all day.  I remember being so happy to see Ed come home every afternoon!

One day,  I saw an ad in the paper for a free kitten.  I asked Ed if we could get a kitten.  His first reply was “no”, but after a while, he gave in.  The kitten was one of those dark, tabby kittens.  Nothing special in the looks department, but oh what a personality that kitten had!  We named her “B. B.” which stood for Baby Bacon.

Life was never boring after we got “B.B.”!  That cat thought she was a person! She learned to scratch at the door to go out or come inside.  She was one of those smart, playful cats that was always into something.  After Ed went to work in the mornings, “B.B.” would stretch out in the bed,  with her head on Ed’s pillow, just like a person.  Unfortunately, she only liked a particular brand of cat food(Cozy Kitten), and it smelled REALLY BAD!!!

Me and "B.B." resting

Me and "B.B." resting

When Ed and I would go back to our hometown for the weekend, “B.B.” would come with us.  One Christmas she actually climbed Ed’s mother’s Christmas tree and turned it over!  We still laugh about that!  I didn’t think it was very funny at the time…

Of course, after a while, the unthinkable happened and our “cat child” came home pregnant!  She had several little kittens.  While the kittens were still very young, “B.B” went out one evening and apparently got hit by a car.  She came home dragging her hind leg.  I was in a panic and had Ed calling several vets to see what we should do.  Most vets wanted to do surgery to fix the leg, but we found one who was willing to put a cast on. 

"B.B." babies & broken leg

"B.B." babies & broken leg

 We didn’t have much money, so we chose to get the cast.  That was a crazy sight–that cat dragging that huge cast behind her.  She’d even walk a chain-link fence with three legs.  Eventually the leg  healed and she didn’t even limp.  The good part about the whole ordeal was that due to her injuries, “B.B.” wasn’t able to have any more babies!

Several years after the broken leg incident, “B.B.” went out for the evening and came home drunk!  She couldn’t even stand up.  Her eyes were all crazy looking and she swayed and fell down when she tried to walk.  She kept meowing and acting crazy.  Again, I got Ed to call the vet.  It turned out that “B.B.” had eaten a blue-tailed lizard which is poisonous to cats.  The vet said most cats die, but a few survive.  Fortunately, “B.B.” beat the odds and survived, although she never did walk quite straight and cocked her head sideways after that.

We had “B.B.” for well over five years.  She survived life in the city, only to disappear a while after we moved back  to our little country hometown.  We don’t know what happened to her, maybe she liked the city life better…

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