Good friends and neighbors…

I’ve written a good bit about our friends Tim and Pat in earlier posts.  Tim and Ed served in the army together, and I met Pat after she started dating Tim–way back in 1970…

After getting out of the army, Tim and Pat moved to the same city that Ed and I did.  If you remember, Tim had a job at the hospital that later hired Ed.  They lived on one side of the city and we lived on the other.  Tim was, and still is, an avid hunter and fisherman, so of course they found a small apartment located near a salt water creek.    Quite often, Ed and I used to go over to that side of town and go fishing when we first married.

There was a bridge located on the highway over a deep salt creek, and there were large rock pilings beside the bridge.  Ed and I would go down and sit on the rocks near the water and fish. Once I caught a nice fish and it got off my hook and landed back in the water, stunned.  Ed jumped in the water and retrieved it!  My hero!  My parents were with us on that trip and you should’ve seen their faces when Ed jumped off those rocks and into the water…and came up with the fish…

  Anyway, after living in the apartment on the creek for a while, Tim and Pat decided to purchase a mobile home.  They found one that they both liked and bought it.  They decided to park it at Plantation Estates across the street from where Ed and I lived.  I was so thrilled!  We really didn’t know many of our neighbors, and the thought of having our best friends live across the street was like a dream come true!

Pat and Tim lived across the street from us for several years.  We spent a lot of time together.  We both had “cat children”.  We ate a lot of meals together, both at home and out.  We went fishing sometimes, and we even went on a vacation to Daytona Beach together.  We sure had fun back then!

Eventually, we both decided to purchase land and move out of the mobile home park.  Although, we live in different towns now, we’ve managed to keep in touch over the years.  I consider them our oldest and dearest friends.  A true friend is priceless…

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