Missing wedding rings…

I am sure this has probably happened to most people at some time or another—you’ve lost or misplaced your wedding rings.  It happened to Ed and me on more than one occasion!

our wedding rings

our wedding rings

We hadn’t been married very long when we went to visit my parents one weekend.  I decided to soak my rings in some ammonia to clean them and make the diamond sparkle.  I put them in a small glass with a little ammonia in the bottom of it and set it in the window over the kitchen sink.

Imagine my face when I went into the kitchen later and discovered the glass was empty and sitting in the sink!  Panic stricken, I looked in the drain of the sink and saw only the wedding band.  The diamond engagement ring was gone!  I remember being very distrought and telling everyone what had happened.  Ed very calmly got a wrench and took apart the pipe under the sink.  There in the trap was my beautiful diamond!  Saved once again by my hero!

During that same summer, Ed and I returned from a fishing trip at the rock pilings only to discover that his wedding band was missing from his finger.  It was always a little loose and apparently it had slipped off his finger somewhere.  The next afternoon we went back and retraced our steps of the fishing trip.  There  beside the road, where we had parked the day before, was Ed’s wedding band–squished down in the dirt from being run over, but not hurt.

The third incident was with my wedding rings again.  I was notorious for taking them off and laying them anywhere.  I missed them one evening and we began to search for them in our home.  I thought I’d taken them off in the kitchen and laid them on the counter, but they were nowhere to be found.  We looked everywhere.  Finally, Ed decided to go outside and check through the garbage since we’d looked everywhere else.  Sure enough, there were my rings in the bag of garbage!  Apparently, I’d laid them on the counter and they got wiped off in the trash can somehow.  Ed saved the day one more time!

After three times of being lucky, I no longer lay my rings around.  In fact, neither Ed nor I even wear them anymore.  We both agree that we don’t need rings to remind us that we are married–not after 36 years!

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