Buying a boat…

I am sure you know how it is when you get some extra income—suddenly you want to buy something.  Isn’t that the American way?  Well, the something for Ed and me turned out to be a  pleasure boat!  Never mind the fact that neither of our families had ever owned a pleasure boat, or the fact that we knew absolutely nothing about boating! 

We were living and working in a coastal city.  There were plenty of places to ride, fish, or ski in–both salt and fresh water.  We just happened to love the salt water the best.

Ed and I shopped around a bit and found a new 16ft baby blue bow rider that we really liked.  It had blue interior and seats for 6 people.  Those seats laid out flat and made two beds.  We chose a white Chrysler 75 hp motor to power our boat and we were all set to go! 

Ed & friend prepare to launch boat

Ed & friend prepare to launch boat

We bought this boat in February, so as you can imagine our first ride was rather cool!  We didn’t know anything about boats, or putting boats in and out of the water, so we chose to go to a place with a boat hoist.  As we were waiting for out boat to be lowered down to the water, there were several people standing around looking at our new boat.  One man stated with a drawl, “Chrysler, I wouldn’t use a Chrysler for a boat anchor!”  He was referring to our choice of outboard motor.  Well, I must admit, that put a small damper on our spirits, but in retrospect, we made a wise choice.  We never had one minute’s trouble out of that motor in all of the years that we owned it!

As soon as the weather warmed up a little, most weekends found us on the water in the boat.  We took our families and friends with us on many outings.  We rode for pleasure, fished(Ed caught a 3ft long shark once), and skied.  I don’t swim very well, so most of my pleasure came from being inside of the boat.

We hadn’t been boating very many times when we had an unsettling experience.  We were riding  in the water having a big time when suddenly we got pulled over by a coast guard boat.  We were not very familiar with rules of boating–remember, we knew NOTHING!  He asked permission to board our boat for a safety check.  Unfortunately, all of our safety gear was under the bow of the boat where it shouldn’t have been, some of it still in the packages.  We needed a boat cushion and didn’t have one, and our air horn wasn’t assembled.  We could’ve gotten a fine for these things, but they let us off with a warning instead.  Thank goodness!

I have two trips that really stand out in my mind.  The first one was when we let our friend, Tim, talk us into going several miles off- shore to fish around the jetties.  We’d been out in rough water before, but never out of sight of land.  Guess who got sea sick and thought she was going to die?  Yep, it was me!  That’s the sickest sick in the world!!!   Worse than any stomach virus… Needless to say, our trip was cut short because of me…

The second trip was involving another couple that we were friends with, who  had a young son at the time, probably around 2 years of age.  We all loaded up the boat with supplies and  rode out to an oyster bar–why, I do not know!  We unpacked and set up camp.  Later that evening the tide went out and left our boat stranded out of the water!  That was a very eerie feeling to be stranded on an oyster bar at night–with a small child!  It wasn’t the most comfortable place to sleep either!  Fortunately, we didn’t need to leave for any emergency that night, and the tide eventually came back in the next day so we could leave.

Now,  if I’d know then, what I know now, I wouldn’t have gone on either one of those most memorable trips!

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