The Christmas Panties…

Would you believe that I’ve had more fun and excitement at Christmas after getting married, than I ever did as a child?  I know that may sound strange to some, but it’s true.  For various reasons, Christmas wasn’t always a happy time when I was a child.  I had no control over these circumstances, and I didn’t really know they weren’t happy times back then.  Some years were better than others, for sure, but my best memories are after marriage.

I can still remember Ed and I going to K-mart in 1972,  and shopping for our first tree and ornaments.  We chose a little 4 1/2 foot artificial spruce tree.  1972 was the first year that the new kinds of ornaments were made.  Prior to then, most ornaments were hand blown glass balls.  I chose little decorated angesl, bells, reindeer, santas, packages, dolls, and decorated satin balls.  I loved those ornaments so much!  I have added to my collection every year since then, but still continue to hang a few of those “original” ornaments on the tree every year.  Everytime I hang one of them, I think of that first Christmas…

me peeling potatoes/Christmas tree

me peeling potatoes/Christmas tree

That first Christmas we put our Christmas tree in our kitchen because it had a pretty bay window in it and we wanted to show our tree off.  After the sun faded some of my ornaments that year, I chose to move it to the living room the next year!

During the years that Ed and I lived in the city, we would load up our car on Christmas Eve and head to his parents house for Christmas.  We usually celebrated with my family the weekend before Christmas, when  my brother and his wife would come in from out of state.  Ed’s parents always invited my parents to their house on Christmas so we could all be together, which was nice.  I have tons of wonderful memories of shopping, decorating, and baking.

I remember one Christmas Eve some friends of ours(the same ones that camped on the oyster bar with us) came to Ed’s parents and spent the night with us.  We all stayed up all night long laughing and talking…I also remember going to the Christmas tree farm with Ed’s parents to find just the right live tree for their huge den…and of course the year that “B.B.” the cat turned over Ed’s parents’ artificial tree when she climbed it!

My favorite Christmas memory has now turned into a family holiday tradition.  Ed’s daddy was quite a character in his time.  He had a sense of humor and always wore a smile.  One day he went to the dumpster to take off the trash.  It wasn’t unusual for him to return with a “treasure” that he found at the dumpster.  On this particular day he found a VERY LARGE pair of ladies underwear.  I mean, they must have been the largest size available!  I know some of you may thinking how gross, but the panties were clean.  We all laughed and marveled at how HUGE those panties were!  On Christmas morning(many years ago), I can’t remember who, but one of us received those HUGE panties wrapped up as a Christmas gift!

 sister-in-law gets the Christmas panties(cir. 1980)

sister-in-law gets the Christmas panties(cir. 1980)

Every since that year we’ve passed those panties to someone different in the family every Christmas.  Whoever kept the panties for the year writes a note to the new recipient before Christmas, and attaches it to the box, on top of the previous message.  The box is now very old and has LOTS of notes attached to the top of it.  It always brings a laugh when someone opens up the gift of the panties and reads the message on top of the box!  (We definitely have a few “wise guys” among our family members!) Ed’s daddy passed away several years ago, but he still makes us laugh every year when we continue to pass around the Christmas panties!

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