Strange but true…part 1

The following posts will be short and will consist of unusual things that happened to Ed and me in the early years…

One evening friends, Tim and Pat, had come over to our house for a visit.  This was when they still lived on the other side of town.  We were all sitting around our kitchen table playing a board game called Aggravation.  It’s a game to see who can get all of their marbles home first.  The secret is to keep someone from sending your marble back to start.  Now Tim isn’t much of a game player, but he had given in and was playing with us.

During the course of our game, Tim kept getting sent back to start, over and over.  He got frustrated, then mad.  He told Pat, “come on, let’s go home!”, but she was having fun and wasn’t ready to go.  Suddenly Tim got up, went out the door and left.

We kept waiting for Tim to come back, but he never did.  Finally, we took Pat to their house on the other side of town–and we never asked Tim to play a game with us again…strange, but true!

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