Strange but true part 2…

I never thought about it before, but in 1972 cars didn’t have built-in cup holders.  Instead, you had to buy plastic holders that fit on the doors.  Part of the cup holder slipped down into the window slot and the rest of it hung down over the door.  Ed and I had a habit of keeping our empty cups in the holders to put trash in.

One day Ed’s mama came for a visit while Ed was off and I was at work.  There was a small pharmacy/gift shop located close to where we lived and Ed drove her there to shop around.

In those days, Ed’s mama smoked cigarettes–a lot!  She was smoking when they arrived at the store so she dropped her butt into the cup that was sitting in the cup holder on my side of the car…

Sometime later, a person came into the pharmacy saying that a car outside was on fire.  Yep, you guessed it!  Ed went outside to find my car door in flames…Ed quickly extinguished the fire.  The cigarette butt had ignited the paper in the cup.  It was mostly contained to the cup and holder, but did manage to burn a hole in the door up by the window.  Ed’s mama offered to pay for the damage, but we never did get the door panel replaced.  It made an interesting conversation piece!

Imagine my surprise that afternoon when Ed picked me up at work and explained to me on the way to the car…that his mama had set our car on fire!  Strange, but true…

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