Strange but true, part 3

Not long after Ed and I were married, one of our friends from our old hometown needed a place to stay in the city.  Being the crazy newlyweds kind people that we were, we offered him our spare bedroom.  This guy was several years younger than we were, and it was just a summer job.  Anyway, Alan stayed with us for a few weeks.

One day Alan wanted to take us out to eat to show his appreciation for us letting him stay with us.  Ed and I agreed to go.  We rode into town to one of our favorite spots to eat, which happened to have curb service, so we didn’t even have to leave the car.  I know what you’re thinking, but that’s our kind of dining out!

We all ordered fried shrimp dinners and had a wonderful time—until it was time to pay for the food.  It was then that Alan realized that he’d left his wallet at home!  Unfortunately, Ed didn’t have any money with him either since he wasn’t expecting to need any…We  meekly explained to our waitress what the problem was and she kindly trusted us to go home and get some money.  Those were the good old days when you could actually trust people. We went all the way back home, got some money, and took it back to the restaurant.  That’s the last time we ever went anywhere to eat with Alan!  Strange, but true…

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