Kathy’s Crowning Glory

When I was about 12 I decided to just let my hair grow…and grow…and grow!  I’d never let it grow very long before that.  My mother always disliked my straight, fine, limp hair and gave me a million home permanents as a child.  My school pictures are hilarious! 

By the time I was 12,  I could do my hair myself and refused any more permanents.   I still thought that my hair had to have curl to look nice, so I rolled it about a million times during the years that followed.  First I used those foam rollers–man what a curl!  Later I moved on to brush rollers, and finally I got my first set of electric rollers.  There was even a time in the 70’s that I rolled my hair on giant plastic rollers the size of soup cans!  The reason for rolling on those type of rollers was to achieve a straight, full, look.   Can you say headache, ’cause that’s what those rollers would give you!

First I rolled my hair to make it flip up.  When it grew too long to flip up anymore, I rolled it to curl under.  By the time Ed returned from Okinawa and we got married, my hair was almost down to my waist.  I didn’t roll it much then, except on the ends sometimes.  After Ed and I got married and I shampooed my hair,  Ed would comb the back of my hair out for me.  It took a while to comb out all of the tangles. 

Me & my hair on Valentine's Day

Me & my hair on Valentine's Day

My hair continued to grow until about 1975, which was about 9 years after I’d started to let it grow out.  I began to have headaches and felt like they were being caused by the weight of my hair.  One day I came home from work and just took the scissors and cut my hair off up to my shoulders.  Oh my!  I can’t begin to tell you what a mess I had.  One side was longer than the other and the back was awful.  Sweet Ed got the scissors and trimmed it straight across for me. ( He was used to doing that from giving me regular trims.)  I wore it shoulder length for just a short while then got it cut short in 1976.  Ed was sad, but I felt free and much lighter! 

When I see people that I haven’t seen since high school, they always comment on what long pretty hair I used to have!  I always comment that yes, it was long, but it feels so much better short–and I don’t even have to use rollers–just blow and go!

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  1. How pretty! Goodness, what we do for beauty!

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