We Were Robbed!!!

Ed and I had the misfortune of living between two rented mobile homes in Plantation Estates.  That meant that we had a never-ending assortment of neighbors coming and going all of the time.  The only good part about it was none of the people stayed very long–which was good because they weren’t usually the sort of people that we wanted for our neighbors…

robberWe’d been living there about 3 or 4 years when the unthinkable happened.  We came home from work one afternoon to find that our home had been broken into and robbed!  The place was in shambles.  The beds were unmade and tossed about, the drawers had been emptied, and stuff was strewn about. 

Ed had bought some very nice stereo equipment while he was in Okinawa and part of it was gone.  The thieves had taken the reel-to-reel tape deck, our amplifier, tuner, and two very large Sansui speakers.  We believe that the thieves must’ve gotten scared, because they left behind some stereo equipment and our new color television.  Ed had a shotgun that was stolen, as well as a large container of half dollars that he’d collected.

When we saw that we’d been robbed, our thoughts immediately turned to our neighbors living to the left side of us.  They hadn’t been living there long, but we noticed that they didn’t seem to have a job.  Ed went over to their house to ask if they’d seen anything going on.  They acted all jittery and guilty.  They said they didn’t have our stuff, but he was welcome to search their place. 

Tim and Pat were still living across the street from us and they had also noticed that our new neighbors just sort of “hung out“.  Tim, being the adventurous person that he is, suggested that he and Ed take the neighbor suspect down to the river and “make him confess.”  We must admit the idea was tempting, but we declined….we should’ve listened to Tim.

Within a day or so our new neighbors disappeared.  We knew then that they were the thieves.  About a month later we got our proof.  A couple came to our home and told us that our former neighbors(and thieves) had been over to their house trying to sell them our stolen stereo equipment and Ed’s  gun.  

It seems that there was a burglary ring and our neighbors were a part of it.  This couple had met the burglars through a mutual friend, but wanted nothing to do with them.  The thieves then told the mutual friend that they  planned to return and rob the couple that had refused to buy our stuff–which they did. 

The burglary ring got busted and a lot of stuff recovered(the couple visiting us got their stuff back), but we didn’t recover our stuff.  The worst part of all was that through a glitch, the neighbor thieves managed to get away.

  We only got five hundred dollars from the insurance company for our stolen property because of a theft limit on our  policy.  Of course that wasn’t nearly enough to replace what we lost.  We also lost more than possessions that day.  We lost our feeling of security.  It’s a horrible feeling to have your home broken into and searched by strangers.  It made us feel violated.  It was a long time before we felt safe again.

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