Getting Ready For the Move…

our old home in a new place

our old home in a new place

You know, it’s a scary thing…to think about someone actually moving your home!  That’s the thought that was foremost in our minds as Ed and I prepared to move back home.

We were busy for a while, making all of the preparations.  We had to have a well dug and a septic tank put in.  Last, but not least, we had to get a power pole set up and wired.  All of this preparation was going on back home.  Meanwhile, in the city, I was busy boxing up dishes and breakables.  Ed found a mobile home mover and got a date for us to move. 

We were set to move on March 17, 1977.  There was a reason for that date.  In the city where we were living, March 17 is heavily celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day and Ed had that day off for a holiday.  I guess it’s nice that we moved on what some consider a holiday, because we can always remember the date with ease.  We just celebrated our 32nd year of living back home on the family farm.

We got an early start that morning of March 17th.  We decided to follow the truck that was pulling our mobile home.  Oh my goodness, I don’t know if that was a wise decision or not!  Have you ever noticed how those truck drivers fly with those trailers?  Well, this guy was flying!  I had visions of everything in the trailer being broken…

A strange thing happened on the way…we met Ed’s parents on their way to the city as we were heading to the country with our trailer.  Ed’s mama had a doctor’s appointment.  We pulled over and stopped to talk for a minute.  They had bad news for us.  Just the day before, the power people had called them to let us know that it would be three weeks before we would have electric power to our trailer.  Gulp!!! 

It seems that they had to order a special transformer just for us because our power was going to have to come from a major power line and the power supply needed to be reduced before it got to us.  I hope that makes some sense…What it meant for us was–we didn’t have any place to live for three weeks!

After this life-altering news, we continued on our journey to our new place of residence.  The trailer made it there all in one piece, thank goodness!  We made the only decision that we could under the circumstances…to move in with Ed’s parents for three weeks.

I was still somewhat immature at that point in my life and I cried.  Ed’s mama was so sweet, she talked with me and made me feel better.  It never occurred to me at that time that her life was being altered, too.  She was having house guests for three weeks!  If it was an inconvenience, and I know it was, she nor Ed’s dad never let on.

Remember those goldfish that I posted about a few days ago?  Well, I had replaced them after the first ones died, so I had this aquarium of fish that had to make the move with us, as well as three cats!  Nothing like a few pets to complicate things!  Of course “B.B.” was used to traveling, so she wasn’t a problem.  The fish aquarium was a big pain.  I had to set it up at Ed’s parents, only to move it again when three weeks  passed and we got to finally move in. 

Our closest neighbors were a herd goats that stayed around the corn crib at the other end of the pasture.  I loved those goats!  They would come running to the fence every time they saw me outside.  My favorite was an old white pregnant goat the I nicknamed “Preggie”, for obvious reasons.  Preggie loved cookies and would stand on the fence and beg for them.

"Preggie"(on fence) & friends, our neighbors

After over five years of living in the city, with people on every side of us, it was absolutely wonderful to be living in the country with no neighbors except for a herd of goats!
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