Ed’s Little Gray Toyota…

Little Gray Toyota

Little Gray Toyota

Ed had to have a way to get back and forth to work.  He needed a cheap car that was cheap to drive!  It turned out that the answer to his problem was a little gray Toyota!

We chose the 1977 Toyota Corolla because of its gas mileage (it was rated at 40 mpg) and because the price was right–just over three thousand dollars.  The car only came in three colors–white, gold, and gray.  We liked the gray color the best.  It was just your basic car– had a manual transmission and no air conditioner–but it did have a radio and windows that rolled up and down!  What more could a working man ask for???

Ed drove the little Toyota back and forth to the city–130 miles every day for about 2 years.  When he finally got a job closer to where we lived, he still had to drive a lot.  First of all, the drive to his new job was still a 34 mile a day trip.  In addition to that, he had to be “on call” every third day and every third weekend.  That usually meant several trips back to the hospital in a day.  Some days he actually drove more miles than when he commuted to the city! 

Ed came to be known for his little gray Toyota.  Everyone knew Ed by his car because he stayed on the road so much.  Let me tell you, that was one good little car, because Ed drove it hard!  Sometimes I think it must’ve sprouted wings and flew as fast as he got from one place to the other. 

Ed drove that little car for over ten years, and put over 225,000 miles on it.  We never had any problems with that car, just had to replace the clutch now and then.  When the driver’s seat wore out and came apart, Ed just took the passenger seat and moved it over to his side.  None of the family rode much with Ed after he took the passenger seat–it wasn’t cool to ride in the back seat!

Ed sold the car not long after that.  He sold it to a man that he worked with that didn’t have a car.  Ed would see this man driving around town with a backseat full of people, while he was the only one in the front–a funny sight!   Sadly, someone soon wrecked the little gray Toyota…such a sad ending to such a good and faithful car…

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