We’re pregnant!

I became pregnant in December of 1977.  It’s so odd how I felt–happy and scared to death all at once.  I think most women feel that way with their first child.

Ed’s mama worked for a doctor in the little town that we lived in.  She was one of his nurses.  He was a general practioner and delivered babies, so I decided to use him as my doctor.  Things got off to a rocky start with the pregnancy.

When I would go to the doctor and have a pelvic exam, I’d start to “spot”.  Dr. S. always assumed that I was having a miscarriage.  It was so early in the pregnancy that he couldn’t tell if I was pregnant by physical examination and there were no sonograms back then…but  I had six positive pregnancy tests!  Dr. S decided that I should be referred to a specialist in the city.

I went to see Dr. R in the city.  I explained the problem spotting and he said that was very common in early pregnancy in some women.  He examined me and also said it was too early to feel the pregnancy by examination, but when I told  him that I’d had six positive pregnancy tests, he said “Honey, you’re definately pregnant!”100_0624

I had tons of morning sickness, but not just in the morning.  There were days when I wondered why in the world did I want to go through this…

I still didn’t drive, so Ed would drive to the city and work a half a day, drive home to get me, drive back to the city with me for my doctor’s appointment, then back home…that’s 260 miles on doctor days…in the little gray Toyota–with no air conditioner.   What a husband I am blessed with!

The pregnancy progressed, Ed kept working on our residence, and I sewed maternity clothes and things for the baby nursery.  I made a skirt for the bassinett, priscilla curtains for the windows, embroidered baby shirts and gowns, and crocheted blankets.  Back then we had no way of knowing the sex of the baby, so almost everything that I made was pink and blue.  The summer of  1978 was extremely hot for me!  Finally, what I previously thought was misery, turned into something much worse on the last day of September…

***About the photo:  I am 8 and 1/2 mos. pregnant and wearing maternity clothes that I made… standing in front of the unfinished addition that we were still working on…notice there isn’t even a set of steps yet…no paint either…

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