The Good Ole’ Days…

Mine and Ed's family enjoying a picnic in the yard

Mine and Ed's family enjoying a picnic in the yard

It seems that today everyone is busy, all of the time.  There’s softball, soccer, football, cheerleading, dance, and the list goes on and on.  Someone has to shuttle the children to all of these activities, put meals on the table, do the laundry, clean the house, and ususally hold down a full time job, too!  The weekends bring grocery shopping, birthday parties,  and church activities.  I miss the slower pace of the good ole’ days…

When I was growing up families visited each other–especially on Sunday afternoons.  We didn’t wait until holidays to get together.  It was still somewhat like that when Ed and I got married, but it was on the decline, I am sad to say.  The only extra curricular activities that were available was school sports, and they were limited.  There wasn’t any shuttling of children here and there and everywhere.  Mama’s actually cooked full meals every night, to get to eat a hamburger was a special treat!

After Ed and I moved back to the country, we frequently hosted our families at our house.  In the spring we’d gather outside under the huge oak trees in our yard and have a picnic  meal.  I don’t know why, but food is always better outside–especially in the company of family and friends.  After eating, we’d sit around in lawn chairs and talk and laugh.  The children were content to play outside.  This was before the days of video games and satellite television.

We never worried much about picnic tables or such, although we did own one or two.  The best tables are made from two sawhorses and a piece of plywood!  Spread a sheet on top and we had a “redneck” dining table!  In some cases, we’d just spread a cover on the ground and sit.  Of course, that was in the days before we had chickens!

As the years passed, everyone got busier and busier and we had less and less picnic get-togethers.  The children grew older and preferred to be indoors with their entertainment.  One of our children was involved in sports, another in dance lessons, and I got a job.  Our parents grew older and their health declined… 

Now it’s  Ed and I that are the grandparents and our daughter has get-togethers in that same yard that we used to.  I am glad that she enjoys entertaining and that her husband enjoys grilling.  We enjoy family get-togethers at her house very much.  It’s a lot like old times– that could be because she now lives in the house that we raised her and  our other children in!  It’s good to know that “you can go home again”…

***Picture: back row, l to rt-my mother, Jackie, Me, my sister-in-law, Kay, Ed, my daddy, Bruce, my brother, David, Ed’s mother, Vivian, Ed’s daddy, W.A. ***front of pic- standing- Jeremy,Ed’s nephew, on lawn chair- our baby, Brandy, squatting by lawn chair, my neice, Michelle.

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