Three Trees…

Brandy beside the 3rd tree

Brandy beside the 3rd tree

There are two things that I don’t often tell about myself.  Number one is, I don’t mind being different than everyone else, and number two is, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  That being said, I will tell you about the year that we had three different Christmas trees in our living room!

The year was 1979 and it was daughter, Brandy’s second Christmas.  It was also the first Christmas that we used a Buck Stove to heat our home.  If you don’t know, a Buck Stove is a wood burning heater–and they do a nice job of keeping the house warm!

I’m an early bird when it comes to putting up the Christmas tree–well, actually I am an early bird by nature, but that’s another story.  I usually put the tree up the weekend of Thanksgiving.  I have been known to have the tree up,  on Thanksgiving, but refused to decorate it until after Thanksgiving.

Ed and I put always put up an artificial tree during the early years of our marriage, but we began getting a live tree after our daughter, Brandy, was born.  We went to a nearby Christmas tree farm and took great care in choosing “just the right tree”(remember, I am a bit of a perfectionist).  It was large, beautifully trimmed and sprayed a lovely green color.  I decorated it the day after Thanksgiving and it was beautiful, if I do say so myself!  It usually takes me two days to finish my tree because every ornament has a perfect place and I have to find it!

Unfortunately, within a week, that tree beautiful tree was dead and as dry as a bone.  Oh, it was still pretty and green because it had been sprayed, but the Buck Stove had dried it out, despite the fact that I kept it watered.  I learned that year that Buck Stoves and live trees don’t do well together!

There was nothing left to do but take our beautiful tree down or not light it up–and I wasn’t going for idea number two!  With three weeks to go before Christmas, we undecorated the tree (Ed’s good at this), and took it outside to perform an experiment.  We lit a match next to the dry tree and POOF it burst into a ball of fire!   It burned so fast and hot it was scary!  After seeing that, we sure were glad we’d taken the tree down!

first & second trees

first & second trees

Tree number two was an artificial tree that I borrowed from Ed’s mama.  I decided to use it temporarily until just before Christmas.  The six foot artificial tree got lost in our living room, compared to the huge live tree.

About a week before Christmas, Ed and I returned to the tree farm.  Of course the best trees were gone by then, but we found an untrimmed, unsprayed tree that we liked and cut it.  However, when Ed put it on top of the Toyota, it covered the entire car!  When we got home with it, we could barely get it through the living room door!  It was like that scene from the movie,  Christmas Vacation!

third tree

third tree

For the third time, I decorated the very large and bushy tree.  Mission accomplished!  Brandy had a live Christmas tree and I’d certainly gotten my fill of decorating Christmas trees!  By the way, we, also, spent a very chilly Christmas holiday, trying not to use that Buck Stove!

After Christmas was over, I found a large artificial tree on sale and bought it.  One year of putting up three trees and not using the heater ended our era of having live Christmas trees!  We’ve been putting up artificial trees every since, but I’m still very picky about my Christmas tree!

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