Not My Child! Monday

3721389262_1576301154I believe most everybody that has more than one child has one of those…You know, a child that is just a little out of step with the rest, the one that seems to get into just a little bit more trouble, the one that makes the gray hairs come in your head, the one that causes you sleepless nights…on and on and on…I think you catch my drift.I am blessed to be the mother of three.  My middle child is one of those..Gotta’ love him!

My middle child did not cry all night long two nights after we brought his new baby brother home.  He did not cause us to take him to the emergency room because we thought he was seriously ill–only to discover he was suffering from “new sybling syndrome”, not my child!

My middle child did not refuse to sing the song “Itsy Bitsy Fuzzy Wuzzy Worms” in first grade, telling his teacher that the song was gross…Not my child!

My middle child, at the age of 6, did not fall and break his arm from playing on the bed– the day before we were to leave for a camping vacation–in a tent!  He did not lay around miserably in a lawn chair with his arm elavated, moaning miserably,  the entire vacation, not my child!

My middle child, at the age of 11, did not find and steal his cousin’s nude women picture cards and take them to school…a private christian school, no less…and get caught with them!  Not my child!

How dull my life would be, without my beloved middle child!  I love you honey, even though sometimes you drive me crazy!

Mckmama and friends decided to take a little break from Not Me, Monday this week and write about our children instead.  If you have enjoyed hearing my stories, hop on over to Mckmama’s and check out her blog carnival for some more rip roaring fun.

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  1. Your middle child sounds like my first child, I swear (except I don’t) if it was not for him wearing us out we would have more children.

    Great Not my child, see you around Mcmama’s , kristi

  2. Hope you are great. I really love your blog and enjoyed this post alot. Blessings,

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