The Perpetual Anniversary Gift OR More Work For Ed…

After the poisoning, Ed and I restocked the goldfish pond and never had anymore problems–with the fish.  However, we did have other problems!

 Such as the snake that decided to make himself a home in Ed’s carefully crafted waterfall…or our nephew who decided to take a swim in the pond when nobody was watching, but our biggest problem was leaves. 

We  made the mistake of placing the pond too close to trees.  As a result, each fall the pond had more leaves in it than fish.  After about 5 years, we made the decision to move the pond, yes, I said move the pond!  This is the perpetual gift, remember?

We chose another spot in the yard where there were NO trees and began digging.  This time we dug larger and deeper.  We recruited the help of our then teenaged boys–against their will.  We ALL dug and dug, and the boys complained…They fussed about the digging and the fact that the spot that I’d chosen was in their baseball playing area! 

We finally got the pond dug and shaped.  We added new gravel to the bottom, moved the fish, and added some plants to the pond for shade.  Of course, then we had to add landscape lights and Ed built a little house to cover the electric outlet.  Did I mention that Ed had to run water and electricity to BOTH pondsites?  I’ve often wondered if he’d wished that he’d left that gift in the store…I’ll bet he has!

After we decided to move the pond, we chose to make the old pond site into a rock garden/sitting area…more work for Ed…Ed had to fill in the hole where the old pond was and cover the ground with rocks.  Lots and lots more rocks!    We purchased a large fountain to go where the old pond was, and continued to plant  tropical plants where we had previously.  Of course, then we needed spotlights for the fountain, too…more work for Ed

The rock garden where the fishpond used to be...

The rock garden where the fishpond used to be...

It’s a given— if you have a fishpond, you will have problems.  Problem number one…my dogs found it too tempting in the hot weather.  We had to put up a small electric fence to deter swimming…more work for Ed. 

Next came the problem of the cats fishing there…the fence slowed them down, but didn’t stop them.  The stinging of a “b.b.” in their behinds from Ed’s gun did!   We feed them twice daily, they shouldn’t be hungry… 

Then there is the annual pond bird that decides to drop by and feast on our fish.  We haven’t had one escape Ed and his trusty rifle yet! (more work for Ed)   Ed’s shot several over the years, but not until after they ate some fish!  One bird killed some of my beautiful and very large koi, and I was so upset! 

The last bird visitor was either very brave or just crazy.  He came for several days in a row, despite the dogs barking and chasing him away.  He finally came on a day when Ed was home and Ed shot at him, but didn’t kill him.  That crazy bird came back several days later–with a dangling broken leg–to eat more fish.  Ed got a better shot that time! 

The most amazing thing that I’ve seen happening around the pond happens every spring.  It’s the mating ritual of the frogs.  For a couple of nights each year all of the frogs gather at the pond to mate and lay eggs.  The noise out there is deafening from all of the croaking.  We go out and shine a light on them.  It looks like a giant frog party going on.  There are frogs sitting on top of lily pads, frogs swimming, frogs on the rocks, frogs everywhere!  Shortly after the “frog party” the pond is full of little tadpoles.  They eat all of the algae off the sides of the pond liner.  In a while they turn into frogs and disappear, leaving a cleaner pond behind.  This happens every year.

We  had a turtle come to visit this year, who ate most of the new baby fish.  We had another snake, too.  Ed killed the snake, we don’t know what happened to the turtle–he may be in the pond still eating fish.  I tell you, it’s always something with this pond…just ask Ed!

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