Snips, Snails, Puppydog Tails, and Blankets…

Brett sneaks a little snack of bread

Brett sneaks a little snack of bread

Don’t you just love little boys?  They are the ones who keep life interesting and challenging while we are trying to raise them.  If you are blessed enough to have a little boy, then you’ve got  a busy and challenging life!  If you have more than one, Lord, be with you!

When our son, Brett, was born, he joined an older sister who was 3 and a half years old.  Brett was a good baby, no colic and he was pretty much happy anywhere.  His favorite activity was sitting in the “Johnny Jump Up” seat which attached over the door frame.  He would sit in that thing and jump for the longest time.

Brett learned to crawl and get around a little earlier than his sister did.  I suppose he was trying to keep up with her.  The picture of Brett eating bread was made when he was around 11 months old.  I guess he was hungry and when he spotted the loaf of bread,  he helped himself!

Brett grew into a sweet little toddler.  He loved to sing.  I can remember shopping–with him riding in the shopping cart singing “Amazing Grace”.  He would also tell us that he was going to grow up and be a preacher one day.  I guess religion made a strong impression on Brett at an early age.  I’ve never forgotten that. 

One of my funniest memories of Brett is when he was just a toddler and we had gone on a shopping trip.  On the way home, I saw a crippled chicken sitting on the side of the road.  It had fallen off of a chicken truck.  I’m a “tender heart” when it comes to animals,  so I stopped to pick up the chicken.  When I started to put that chicken inside of the car, Brett started looking for a way to GET OUT!  It never occurred to me that he’d  be scared of the chicken, but he was terrified!  I FINALLY convinced Brett to ride in the car with the chicken, but he didn’t like it one bit!  I brought the crippled chicken home, but it only lasted for a few days– as usual– a varmit ate my chicken!

Getting a little soothing while the blanket dries

Getting a little soothing while the blanket dries

My favorite memory about Brett is that  he had a favorite aqua- green blanket that he dearly loved.  He would suck his thumb and sleep with that blanket.  When I saw how attached that he was to that blanket, I actually bought 3 more– but of course the original one was always the best!  He slept with that blanket for several years, and it brought him much comfort, and me much peace and quiet… 

I snapped this picture of Brett one day while we were outside.  I had some clothes drying on the clothesline and Brett’s blanket was among them.  He saw his blanket and of course he wanted it.  Brett worked one corner of it loose and was just standing there sucking  his thumb… it was a true “Kodak Moment”.  Although Brett is now 27 years old, I still have that old worn, raggedy, original aqua-green blanket and all of the warm fuzzy memories that go with it.  Where did the time go???

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  1. I honestly think this is one of the sweetest pictures I have ever seen!! You just cannot get any sweeter than that, I hope you have that one framed and hanging up somewhere that is an instant day brightener!

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