What Did You Say We Have In Our Walls???

7-27-2009 11;02;47 PMHouse buildingNot too long after our second child, Brett, was born, our house began to feel crowded.  Brett’s nursery was in a tiny room, which would’ve been even tinier if we hadn’t taken the closet out to make more room.  Of course it made a nice nursery, but was too small for a bedroom.  So, we decided to build onto the other side of our mobile home.  In case you’ve forgotten, we’d already built all the way down side one of it.

Before I go any further, let me mention that for a while before we began to build, I had been hearing “crunching” noises from inside of the living room wall.  These noises came from the wall behind where I sat–underneath a set of windows.  I mentioned it to my husband a couple of times, but he didn’t seem interested in  persuing the source of the noise. 

We bought the lumber and began our project of building another bedroom and a carport.  I don’t remember exactly how I got Ed to tear into that wall where the noise was coming from, but he finally did.  He found that we had some type of insects inside of the wall chewing up the wood.  I’d never heard of anything except termites, but these bugs weren’t termites.

We called Orkin and they came and  inspected the house.  Our unwelcome visitors were called wood bores and they were eating our house!  There is no treatment for them except to put a tent over the entire house and spray poisonous gas inside the tent.  The  gas stays inside the tent/house for 24 hours and kills anything that is under the tent.  We’d never heard of such a thing before and  believe me, the cost of the treatment wasn’t cheap!

So…in the middle of our building project we had to stop building, remove all food items from the house, as well as Brett’s baby toys, and move back in with Ed’s parents for 2 days.  We also had to pay a person to stand guard over the house for 24 hours to make sure nobody entered the tent while the house was full of gas.  The Orkin people came and put the tent over the house and filled it with gas that same afternoon.  The  next day they came back, removed the tent and told us we could return.7-27-2009 11;04;37 PMHouse tented 

Now a strange thing occured during all of this activity.  Ed kept a pistol on top of our dresser hutch, in plain sight and for easy access.  We both noticed the pistol was there whenever we left the house, just before the tent went on.  For some reason, Ed immediately noticed the gun was missing whenever we returned home. 

Yes, you guessed it!  We were robbed by one of the Orkin men!  Ed called the company and reported what had happened.  After a long discussion on the phone, with Ed assuring them that we knew the gun was there when we left, but not when we returned– the call ended.  I don’t know what went on at the Orkin place, but the pistol was returned to us in the next day or so!

Ed and I always wondered where in the world did those wood bores come from and how did they get in our house.  We finally solved the problem a few years later.  Ed bought an unfinished gun cabinet to stain and finish.  Apparently, the wood of the cabinet had wood bore larvae in it.  Later the larvae hatched and the bugs moved into our walls.  So, buyer beware of what you bring into your house, you may get more than you bargained for!

On a positive note… the nice thing about getting the house tented was that it killed every pest in, under, and around the house.  It was a very long time before we had any spiders, ants, roaches or other such creatures around our house!

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  1. I love hearing all of your stories. How long do you think the wood bores were in your wall? I am glad you found the problem. That is a huge tent. I really enjoyed the pics. Keep the stories coming. I could read them all day. Have you ever thought of writing a book? I would buy it. Maybe name it Reflections? Hope to talk soon. Blessings,

  2. Kathy, Thank You for your comment and leaving a Bible verse. I hope you really consider writing a book. Your writings sound kinda like a book I have called “How To Get Home” a novella and stories by Bret Lott. You have such great short stories. Thanks for sharing:)

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