Tiny Town USA

First Baptist Church, located at the main redlight in Tiny Town

First Baptist Church, located at the main redlight in Tiny Town

Let me tell you about my Tiny Town…

First of all, as of 2009, Tiny Town had a population of 5,166.  I was surprised to discover in research that we have had a population growth of 40.92% since 2000!   Where did everyone come from?  In 2000, the population was listed as 3,641.  Can you say population explosion????

First of all, Tiny Town is a two red light town, count them, two!  Two red lights can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at things.  After living in the city, I’ve found that I  like the 2 red light way of life.

Banks?  Tiny Town has 4 of these, one of the 4 being a branch bank.  The people of Tiny Town must have plenty of money if it takes 4 banks to hold all of it!  Actually I think there is a story there…a bit of banking rivalry going on.  Anyway, here is a pic of our newest bank, which is really our oldest

Tiny Town's Newest/Oldest Bank

Tiny Town's Newest/Oldest Bank

 bank.  The old bank building was replaced by this new building.  A little sad, but that’s progress…

Another thing that Tiny Town has PLENTY of is gas stations/convenience stores.  There is money to be made in that business, friends!  We must have no less than a dozen of these establishments in Tiny Town.

gas or gum anyone?

gas or gum anyone?

Many years ago a man came to Town Town and built a single convenience store.  Business was brisk and he soon began building a whole chain of stores in lots of places.  I can prove it’s a lucrative business because look at the office building that he built to run his chain of stores from….Is this a nice office building or what?

a picture is worth 1000 words....

a picture is worth 1000 words....

Are you hungry?  Tiny Town can feed you.  We have several eating places.  Among them are The Krispy Chick, The Pizza Place, McDonalds, Subway, (love those $5 footlongs…), The Hen House(maybe?), The Rusty Pig, and The DQ Chill and Grill.  Speaking of the DQ, they recently added outside dining –out front, beside our busy main street.  For those who like to eat and live dangerously at the same time?  I suppose you might enjoy the exhaust fumes  breeze that those eighteen wheelers stir up as they whiz by…
Would you like a little food with those fumes?

Would you like a little food with those fumes?

Hey!  Tiny Town is one SMART community.  We have no less than 5 preschools!  We like to educate them YOUNG!  In addition to  preschool, we do have an elementary school and a middle school–you know, you have to finish what you start… but we’ll have to bus you  to the boonies for high school!  Tiny Town teachers will be thrilled to know that according to my research on the internet, our ratio of students to teachers is 16 to 1…Gotta’ love that!

Like to shop ’til you drop?  Well, that may be a problem…We do have three dollar stores, and then there is Alco…I am not sure how to describe Alco–maybe a mini K-mart?  They have a little of everything, but it seems to cost a little more…  There are two grocery stores.  Sometimes the cashiers at one store seem to have “PMS”,  but if you can get past that, you’ll be fine.  We do have two thrift stores and for the person who likes excitement, there’s the Friday night auction and the battle for a bargain bunch! 

Religious?  Tiny Town is the place for you!  I stopped counting after finding listings for 19 churches listed in Tiny Town!  Who knew?  There are about 6 churches randomly located in town, and MANY MORE located out on country roads…the church shown at the top of this post is the largest, if you are looking to get lost in the crowd…

If you get sick, we have a several doctors to choose from, if you can get an appointment.  Just don’t wait until you are on death’s doorstep to call.  It might make you feel better just to go and “sit” in this particular office…even if you can’t get an appointment.  The look is so tropical and sunny…all of the windows face the west so it should be sunny in the afternoons…

Doesn't this just look like a place you'd like to visit?

Doesn't this just look like a place you'd like to visit?

After visiting the doctor’s office, you may need to visit one of our 3 drugstores, or if your time has come, have no fear!!!  We have two funeral homes!  Yes, folks, take your pick.  We have the old, but remodeled funeral home that the natives have used forever, or the new modern funeral home on the other end of town.  It’s a long story, but there is rivalry in the funeral business, too.

Tiny Town has two florists.  As I was riding by yesterday, I snapped this pic.  It looks like one of the florists may be branching out in their business…

The other side of the sign says "bus for sale"

The other side of the sign says "bus for sale"

 I wonder if there is good money in renting jet skis and selling buses?

After the funeral and flowers, unless you are Michael Jackson, you may need a place to be laid to rest.  Tiny Town has three, count them, three large cemeteries in addition to church cemeteries.  We actually have  The Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery of our state.100_0943

Tiny Town grows many things…cotton, corn, soybeans, peanuts, tomatoes, peas, beans, watermelons, strawberries, peaches, okra, sweet Vidalia onions, and  beauty queens.

Tiny Town raises beauty queens as well as sweet onions...

Tiny Town raises beauty queens as well as sweet onions...

Just in case you are just passing through Tiny Town and need to spend the night, we have two motels–one on each end of the town.  We can accomodate people whether they are coming or going from our town.

We are known as the "Accomodating City"... on both ends of town

We are known as the "Accomodating City"... on both ends of town

Let me give fair warning…we don’t tolerate “foul play” or “wrong doing”  in Tiny Town.  If you choose not to obey the law, we will put you in our prison, located at the edge of Tiny Town.  This is the view from the road. 


Back view of the Smith State Prison

Back view of the Smith State Prison

In closing, let me mention entertainment… The highlight of everyone’s week is when we get the hometown newspaper and read “The Soapbox”.  It’s always good for at least one laugh.  “Some people really should think before they speak”,  is the phrase that comes to my mind whenever I am reading “The Soapbox”.   I  enjoy reading the “police reports”, too.  Gotta’ watch for those people with criminal minds…a few have even been my former students.  I guess their behavior never improved…. 



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I Don’t Want To Go To School….

Brandy's first day of preschool in'82

Brandy's first day of preschool in'82

After the birth of my second child, I decided to enroll our daughter, Brandy, in a half day preschool program.  I based the decision to do this on the fact that Brandy had no playmates and school was a good place to find some.  I was also looking forward to having three hours a day to spend alone with the new baby.  It’s not always easy to divide yourself into two different directions…

Brandy started to school and it was the best thing that we ever did for her.    She learned a lot that year and seemed to enjoy herself.  Since she  missed the cutoff date for kindergarten enrollment the following year, we re-enrolled her for preschool with the same teacher.

The second year of school progressed fine until the last six weeks of school, when something happened at church that ultimately affected Brandy at school.

The children of the church were putting on a program for the church.  Brandy had a little part in the program.  She messed up on her part.  I think she walked the wrong way or something like that.  The church laughed as people sometimes do.  Brandy got embarrassed and cried on stage.  It was after that experience that things went downhill…

We had no idea that the church program had affected Brandy so deeply and thought nothing of it.  The following Monday Brandy began to cry and tell us that she didn’t want to go to school.  She couldn’t give us a reason why.  She’d always enjoyed school before.  At first we thought that she just didn’t feel well.

The next day was the same scenario, and the next.  Neither the teacher nor I had any idea what the problem was.  The situation grew worse.  Brandy would start crying in the evenings as the sun would start to set.  She would start worrying about having to go to school the next day, crying, and saying “I don’t want to go to school.”    Sometimes she made herself so upset that she would throw up.  I was a very worried and frustrated mom.  Many times I took Brandy to school, walked her to the door, left her crying,  and went back to the car and cried myself.  Eventually, during this awful time, my husband and I put two and two together and decided that the embarrassing experience at the church had affected Brandy deeply  and made her want to retreat and stay home– in her “safe place”.  Nothing helped, we talked with her daily, and sometimes I lost my patience.  Eventually school got out for the summer and that solved the problem.  I’ve never been so glad to see summer in my life!

My husband and I spent the whole summer worrying about school in the fall, but by then, whatever Brandy had been going through was over–Praise the Lord!  She had a fabulous kindergarten year…except for P.E., but that’s a story for another time!

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Missy Prissy…the Mysterious, Magical Cat

"Missy Prissy" with her tail bobbed

"Missy Prissy" with her tail bobbed

Every now and then, I take a break from reflecting on the past to post about something “happening now”.  This is one of those posts.  It actually begins in the past and ends in the present…

About 9 years ago my daughter got a cat as a gift from one of her boyfriends.  It was a tiny black and white kitten that she named Prissy.  Through the years I began to call her “Missy Prissy”.  Prissy’s thing was that she didn’t ever like to go outside.  She had a way of finding hiding places when it was time to go outside…like under the bed… in the mornings… when it was tme to go to work!  She’d make us so mad!!!

At the time, my daughter, Brandy, lived just down the lane from me and we visited back and forth a lot.  Prissy picked up the habit of riding on the hood of Brandy’s car to my house for a visit.   I must admit, her riding on the hood made me nervous, but she never fell off.  After a while, Prissy decided that she liked it better at my house, and moved in.  When Brandy would take her home, she’d just come back.

The years passed and  “MissyPrissy” was one of the family.  When she originally came to stay with us, I only had one or two cats… then I began volunteering at the animal shelter…I went from 1 or 2 cats, to about 20 in a period of two years.  I just couldn’t stand to see those poor cats put to sleep, and I tried hard to save everyone that I could!  I know, it was probably a crazy thing to do, but my heart was leading me, not my head.  I had them all spayed and neutered, so at least they wouldn’t multiply– and they all live outside–and we live out in the country!

In the midst of all of these new cats arriving on nearly a weekly basis,  I guess “MissyPrissy” decided our place was getting a little too crowded for her.  She disappeared.  We didn’t see her for eighteen months, and assumed she was dead. 

This past Christmas Eve, Prissy showed up at our door.  She was fat and looked well groomed.  While she had been gone, we’d built a new house next door to our old one.  Brandy and her family, had moved into the old house that we used to live in.  Prissy was confused!  She tried to stay over at our old house, but soon found that I wasn’t there…so she moved over to the porch of our new house.  She stayed around for about a week or so, then disappeared again around New Year’s Day.

Six weeks or so passed and  Prissy showed up again, but this time her tail had been chopped off about mid-way up.  It was a new wound and we have no idea what happened to her.  She  stayed around a few days, then disappeared again.  About six weeks passed, and Prissy showed up again with her tail all healed…This same cycle has gone on since Christmas Eve.  Prissy showed up again yesterday for her regular visit.  She’s still looking good.  We have no idea where she comes from or where she goes when she leaves…it’s the mysterious, magical secret of “Missy Prissy”…she disappears and reappears!

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A Most Unusual Mother’s Day…

It was May 9, 1982 and I was very pregnant.  It also happened to be Mother’s Day.  It was thirteen days past my due date and I was miserable.  I got up and decided to cook Sunday lunch.  When I walked into the kitchen there was a large brown paper bag on the dining table.  I began to mutter to myself  “Why did Ed leave a bag on the table?”  I walked over to get the bag and put it away.  When I grabbed it I discovered that it had a surprise hidden under it!

I had seen these cute little dolls made from dish detergent bottles and I liked them very much.  I love to collect stuff like that.  Ed  heard me say that I’d like to have one and  bought one for my Mother’s Day gift.  You can imagine my reaction when I found a doll under that brown paper bag!  Ed is so crafty!

We ate lunch, then went outside to enjoy the May weather.  As I sat down in the lawn chair, my water broke!  So much for relaxing outside…I went in and called my doctor to ask what I needed to do.  Since I wasn’t having any contactions, they asked if we had friends in the city that we could spend the day with.(the hospital was about an hour and a half away from our house)  We called Pat and Tim in the city, and they said we could spend the rest of the day with them.  I was told to go to the hospital at 11:00 that night if I hadn’t started having contractions by then, and they would induce me.

We got our things together and headed for Pat and Tim’s.  We had a nice time visiting with them, spent the whole afternoon and most of the evening with them.  At 10:30 we decided to head for the hospital, even though I hadn’t had any pains.  Believe it or not, when I got in the car and we headed for the hospital, my contractions began.  They were regular, too.

We got to the hospital around 11:00 and got checked in.  I began contracting very well.  By 3:15 am I was about 5 centimeters dialated.  About 3:30 I rolled over and felt something pop.  I quickly told Ed to get the nurse.  I had dialated from 5 to 10 with that one pop!  Less than 45 minutes later, Brett Matthew was born weighing 8 pounds and 11 ounces.

Brett Michael arrives

Brett Michael arrives

  His birth was just as easy as his sister’s had been hard!  I didn’t even have time to get tired–just over 5 hours of labor and a few pushes and he was born!

I nursed him on the delivery room table and he knew just what to do.  It was as if he’d been nursing all of his life.  No problems at all.  Now why can’t everything in life be like that???

Brett’s birthday always falls around Mother’s Day.  Every year I can’t help but remember the year that I went to the hospital to become a mother on Mother’s Day.

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Three Things You Don’t Know About Me

# 1…I could be on the show Mystery Diagnosis.  For 15 years I’ve had a chronic disease that has no name.  I woke up one morning at the age of 39, and couldn’t get out of the bed because I was so stiff and my joints were so painful.  I couldn’t open and close my hands.  I could barely walk.  My head and neck hurt.  I ran a low grade fever.  I had extreme fatigue.  My hair fell out.  I went to the emergency room…

me not feeling very well...

me not feeling very well...


Many tests revealed an auto-immune disease, which is treated by a rheumatologist, but all of the tests have not been conclusive enough to put me into the catagory of a specific disease.  My rheumatoligist calls my disease a “rheumatoid arthritis like” condition.  It doesn’t really matter which specific disease that I have because a lot of the same medications are used for all  auto-immune diseases.  It took about a  year for the doctor to find the correct combination of amedications to get my condition under control and I have been on those same meds for 14 years.  I now live a relatively normal life. 

I adopted these two!

I adopted these two!

#2… About 5 years ago I volunteered at our local animal shelter.

  As a result of my volunteer work, I am the owner of 4 dogs, 16 cats, 2 rabbits, and a parakeet.    All of these animals are rescues from the shelter with the exception of 2 cats that I previously had.  All of my pets are spayed or neutered, with the exception of the rabbits (kept seperately) and the parakeet!  Everything lives outside except for the parakeet and one cat, who would desperately love to eat that bird!  Unfortunately it costs about $150.00 per month to feed these precious creatures, which doesn’t make my husband very happy…

some of my Chatty Cathy collection

some of my Chatty Cathy collection

#3…I love dolls, and  I collect dolls of all kinds.  I started out collecting Cabbage Patch Kids about 25 years ago.  I estimate that I have between 35-40 of those.  Next I began collecting Barbie dolls.  I began with the original ones from the 1960’s since I already had 2 from my childhood.  I am not sure of my exact count of Barbie and her family, but it’s around 100.  It was quite a feat to collect the assortment of the original Barbie family(Midge, Alan, Scooter, Ricky, Ken, Francie), now that they are 50 years old!  I followed Barbie with the Chatty Cathy doll family.   I never realized that there  were so many members of her family.  I have 21 of the Chatty Cathy family of dolls–some talk, most don’t.  The final dolls that I added to my collection were baby dolls from my childhood–Tiny Tears and Tiny Thumbelina, only one of each.  I have retired from doll collecting–I think!   


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Not me, Monday…

zNot Me Monday ButtonWow, these Mondays are starting to come around regularly!  On Friday night my oldest son asked me if I cared about Fridays(since I don’t work outside the home).  I replied, “No, I really don’t care about Fridays, I like Mondays!”  Everybody groaned…

I like Mondays because everyone goes back to work and I have the place to myself…and because of “Not me, Mondays”!  So sit back, read what I haven’t been up to, and have a laugh on me.  As always, when finished mosey on over to mckmama’s at http://www.mycharmingkids.net  and join her blog carnival.  I guarantee you will laugh!

No, I did not leave the bed unmade the entire week.  Not because I was too lazy to make it up, but I was too lazy to  unmake it at night!  I’ve found that it’s easier just to hop right back in at night if it’s unmade.  No pillows to move, no giant teddy bear to move, no 50 pound comforter to turn back…I love simplicity!!!

No,  I didn’t watch my hubby and son-in-law put up a quickset pool on one day only to wake up and find the inflatable top ring of it deflated the next day.  I didn’t sit and watch two different cats jump in and out of that pool within 30 minutes that day!  Apparently there were more than two cats who took a swim because there were three sets of claw holes in the rim of the pool…Quickset pools and cats don’t go together…

No, my son-in-law didn’t get huge tire patches and put them on the rim of the quickset pool to patch up the claw holes…nothing like a decorative touch! 

 Did I mention that the water also turned green within 2 days???  Do swimming cats cause algae???

I didn’t sit on the computer– on Facebook– one day and give a play by play report of a car chase that was on Fox news…my time is more valuable than that!

No, I didn’t just about choke to death on a sugar cookie…not like you think..I inhaled some of the loose sugar off the top of the cookie by mistake!  I thought I was a goner!  I can’t imagine why kids inhale smarties!!!  Stupid people…

No, I didn’t sit my grandaughter, Maddie, on the potty chair in the living room and cut her hair while she watched a dvd…I would never do that!  and no, I didn’t bribe her with Tootsie Rolls later when she had to come back for me to trim one side of her hair a little more…it’s so hard to get those darn  sides even!

No, the 2 and 1/2 year old grandaughter didn’t ask me “why are you looking at me that way?” when I was trying to decide if her hair was even on the sides…

Later in the week, no I didn’t sit in the yard and watch my daughter and her family swimming in the “patched up” quickset pool.  I didn’t hear a scream and look up to see what looked like Niagra Falls coming over the side of the pool…that’s what happens when your pool rim goes flat! 

I’m so glad my daughter got a pool, I wouldn’t have had nearly as many laughs this week without it!  Have a good week friends.

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The Second Time Around…

8db2e7466fa956bcIt was ar0und the time of my twenty-seventh birthday when I began to suspect that I was pregnant.  My first clue was when I began to sprout “Dolly Pardon” boobs…I don’t know why, but that was always my first sign of pregnancy.

While everything seemed to go wrong during my first pregnancy–everything went right with the second one.  I had no problems at all and it was wonderful!  I had morning sickness, of course, but they gave me this wonderful medication, called bendectin, which took care of that problem.  Unfortunately, they took that wonderful stuff off the market later.

Since I had Brandy to keep me busy, the time passed quickly.  I even babysat a four month old baby girl for a short period of time while I was pregnant.  I decided that I’d better quit that and enjoy my freedom while I still could.  There is a lot of difference in a three year old and a four month old and it didn’t take me long to figure that out!

I decided to decorate the new baby’s room in Winnie the Pooh.  We had one little tiny bedroom that was unoccupied and that became the Pooh room.  We actually put some wallpaper on one wall, with pooh and friends on it, and I found the matching bedding, lamp, and mobile.  We had already sold Brandy’s old crib, so we bought a new one for baby number two.  I loved that crib so much that I still have it today–twenty-seven years later!  It’s in my bedroom and is full of dolls–and I still have the original Winnie the Pooh bedding on the  bed.

They still didn’t do many sonograms in 1981-82.  I think it was available for certain patients, but not widely used.  That meant that I had no idea whether I was having a boy or a girl.  I just had this feeling all along that I was going to have a boy.  The feeling was so strong that I bought a little boy’s sailor suit for a coming home outfit– before I had the baby.  Actually, I picked the suit out and Ed’s mama bought it.  She bought all of our children’s coming home outfits, bless  her heart.

The baby was due around April 26, I think.  Of course that day came and went.  Thirteen days later I was still pregnant and it was Mother’s Day, which turned out to be quite an interesting day….to be continued

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Look Out! Kathy’s Got a License…

I spent the first twenty-six years of my life depending on other people for transportation.  In the year of 1981, all of that finally changed!

My husband has always enjoyed looking at cars.  He is always pointing out this car or that car to me.  I guess he just enjoys looking, because he sure doesn’t enjoy buying!  He likes to buy a car about every 10 years!

 In 1981, Ed was still driving the little gray Toyota.  It didn’t have any air conditioning and was getting to be a little small for a family car.  I guess he must’ve been looking around and thinking that we needed a bigger car.  One day Ed saw a car at a used car dealership in our town that he thought might fit our needs.  We ended up buying the 1977 Mercury Monarch.  It was silver with burgundy interior and I loved it!

Brett & Brandy & The Monarch

Brett & Brandy & The Monarch

I don’t know what happened to me, but I suddenly got inspired to get a driver’s license.  I don’t know if it was because I really loved the car or maybe I was simply tired of being stuck at home.  Anyway, I got a driver’s license handbook and began to study.  I asked Ed to help me practice driving and learning to park.  I can still remember going up town when the stores were closed and practicing parking in the spaces.  After about a week of studying and practicing, I went and took my driver’s test.  The strangest thing happened when I took the driving test.  I told the patrolman to “buckle up” when we got in the car.  He said,  “No, I’ve seen too many accidents where the people would’ve been better off if they hadn’t been buckled up!” and he wouldn’t fasten his seatbelt.  He commented on my car and I told him that I hadn’t had it long.  I thought about telling him that I’d only been driving a week, but I didn’t!   I passed my test and I must say that it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life–a little late, but better late than never!

When I first started driving I used to tell Brandy that she had to be very quiet in the car so I could concentrate on my driving, and she did.  That’s funny now that I think about it.  Even now, twenty-something years later, I still concentrate on the road…it works for me!

So…just like that, we became a two car family.  Ed had his Toyota and I had the Monarch.  No more waiting for Ed to take me to the grocery store…no more waiting for Ed to take me anywhere!  I finally knew what it felt like to be independent–and it felt good.

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A Very Special Souvenier…




Brandy at Jax Beach

Brandy at Jax Beach

Sometimes while Brandy was a baby, people would ask me when I was going to have another baby.  I’d quickly reply that I didn’t even want to think about having another baby until Brandy was out of diapers.  Those were the good ole’ days of cloth diapers.  For those of you who may not have experienced cloth diapers, let me tell you about them.  You always have this diaper pail full of really smelly dirty cloth diapers that need washing–and it’s never empty!  You soak, you wash, you fold, baby wets, diaper in pail…it’s a never ending cycle and one that I was looking forward to not having to deal with!


Time has a way of passing quickly and before I knew it Brandy was two years old.  Shortly after her second birthday I began to try to get her potty trained.  Did you notice that I said TRY?  Potty training Brandy was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life.  I tried everything to get her to use that potty chair without any success.  Finally, on our third attempt, Brandy became successfully trained in mid-1981.  It was almost like one day she made up her mind to use the potty and that was it–she was trained! 

Later in the summer of that same year Ed was required by his job to attend some classes in Jacksonville, Fla.  He decided to take me and Brandy along and make a family vacation out of the trip.  I was so excited!  I’ve always loved the beach. We decided to get a motel room at Jacksonville Beach.  Each day Brandy and I would spend the day on and around the beach while Ed attended class.  We’d play on the beach, walk on the boardwalk, and shop in the little souvenier shops.  In the afternoon when Ed returned, we would do things together as a family.  We had a really good time and at the end of that wonderful vacation… I hated to go home. 

It was just about four weeks later, around the time of my twenty-seventh birthday, when I realized that I was carrying a precious souvenier of that wonderful family beach trip.  He was born about eight months later, and his name was Brett Michael…life was about to get just a little more fun!

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Three Trees…

Brandy beside the 3rd tree

Brandy beside the 3rd tree

There are two things that I don’t often tell about myself.  Number one is, I don’t mind being different than everyone else, and number two is, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  That being said, I will tell you about the year that we had three different Christmas trees in our living room!

The year was 1979 and it was daughter, Brandy’s second Christmas.  It was also the first Christmas that we used a Buck Stove to heat our home.  If you don’t know, a Buck Stove is a wood burning heater–and they do a nice job of keeping the house warm!

I’m an early bird when it comes to putting up the Christmas tree–well, actually I am an early bird by nature, but that’s another story.  I usually put the tree up the weekend of Thanksgiving.  I have been known to have the tree up,  on Thanksgiving, but refused to decorate it until after Thanksgiving.

Ed and I put always put up an artificial tree during the early years of our marriage, but we began getting a live tree after our daughter, Brandy, was born.  We went to a nearby Christmas tree farm and took great care in choosing “just the right tree”(remember, I am a bit of a perfectionist).  It was large, beautifully trimmed and sprayed a lovely green color.  I decorated it the day after Thanksgiving and it was beautiful, if I do say so myself!  It usually takes me two days to finish my tree because every ornament has a perfect place and I have to find it!

Unfortunately, within a week, that tree beautiful tree was dead and as dry as a bone.  Oh, it was still pretty and green because it had been sprayed, but the Buck Stove had dried it out, despite the fact that I kept it watered.  I learned that year that Buck Stoves and live trees don’t do well together!

There was nothing left to do but take our beautiful tree down or not light it up–and I wasn’t going for idea number two!  With three weeks to go before Christmas, we undecorated the tree (Ed’s good at this), and took it outside to perform an experiment.  We lit a match next to the dry tree and POOF it burst into a ball of fire!   It burned so fast and hot it was scary!  After seeing that, we sure were glad we’d taken the tree down!

first & second trees

first & second trees

Tree number two was an artificial tree that I borrowed from Ed’s mama.  I decided to use it temporarily until just before Christmas.  The six foot artificial tree got lost in our living room, compared to the huge live tree.

About a week before Christmas, Ed and I returned to the tree farm.  Of course the best trees were gone by then, but we found an untrimmed, unsprayed tree that we liked and cut it.  However, when Ed put it on top of the Toyota, it covered the entire car!  When we got home with it, we could barely get it through the living room door!  It was like that scene from the movie,  Christmas Vacation!

third tree

third tree

For the third time, I decorated the very large and bushy tree.  Mission accomplished!  Brandy had a live Christmas tree and I’d certainly gotten my fill of decorating Christmas trees!  By the way, we, also, spent a very chilly Christmas holiday, trying not to use that Buck Stove!

After Christmas was over, I found a large artificial tree on sale and bought it.  One year of putting up three trees and not using the heater ended our era of having live Christmas trees!  We’ve been putting up artificial trees every since, but I’m still very picky about my Christmas tree!

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