Not Me, Monday…What a Week!

Not_Me_Monday_SIDEBAR_180_x_180Sweet Monday again!  I am reminded each week how fast time truly goes– when it’s already time to recap the previous week–again!

No, I did not spend the majority of my time last week on the computer.  I did not sit in that computer chair so much, that the bottom of it finally gave away and sunk in…My butt, however, has not grown to the chair as my hubby said it would!

I did not sit at my “untrusty” computer all day on Monday trying to make a button for my blog…I failed!  I did not send Brent Riggs an email ,out of desperation, begging for a tutorial on how to make a blog button! 

I was not thrilled when my youngest son stopped by on Saturday and agreed to help make a button for my blog!!!!  I am not very proud of my blog button!!!   Check it out and grab it for your blog….please.  Those are mine and hubby’s actual wedding rings in the picture…

I did not spend 4 hours downloading Photoshop Elements, only to discover I didn’t have a clue what to do with it.  It’s okay, I have 26 days left on the free trial, I will not continue to work with Photoshop!

My dear hubby, who is always doing a building project, it seems, did not let our very old, and very shaky ladder, break and throw him off while trying to finish up his “Man House”.  Dear hubby did not come into the house and announce that “the ladder threw him off and broke his wrist”!  He did not refuse to let me take him to the ER…he did not have me tape a magazine on his arm and wait until he went to work at the hospital the following day, before getting an x-ray!  My hubby was not correct in his diagnosis… his wrist is broken!

Early Sunday morning, I did not decide to make a cake for lunch.  I did not open the pantry, pull out a bag of powdered sugar– which had been opened but not clipped(duh!).  Sugar bag was not upside down and did not pour powdered sugar all over me, groceries in the pantry, and the kitchen floor!  I did not lose more sugar than I saved–and it was nearly full!

That sums up my week, what did you not do?  Head on over to Mckmama’s blog carnival at  and let’s see what’s happening over at her place!

Oh!  Before you go, remember to leave a comment and your name will be entered in the drawing for a ten dollar Wal-mart gift card to be given away on 9/7/09….Good luck and thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. LOL love it! Great blog too!

    • Thank you for your recent comment on my blog! Your name has been entered in my contest for the 10 dollar gift card. Good luck! Hope you’ll visit again, soon…. Kathy

  2. I did not enjoy working 7 days. I did not enjoy operating on 5 hours a sleep a night 🙂

    Thanks for the contest!

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it so much! I’ve entered your name in the gift card give away. Good luck! Kathy

  3. Just look at it this way the “bad” helps us tp appreciate the “good” or maybe “better” even more. Or you could say I had a “sweet” day.

    • Thanks for commenting on my recent Not Me, Monday post. I appreciate your stopping by. I’ve entered your name in the gift card give away. Good luck! Kathy

  4. LOL,well if that stuff only happened on Mondays it would be alright but sometimes the week is full of Mondays!

    • Thanks for your recent comment on my Not Me, Monday post. I appreciate your stopping by. I’ve entered your name in the gift card give away. Good luck! Kathy

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