Dating and Daughters…Part Two

8-27-2009 9;36;57 PMWhen I left off with part one of my story, Brandy and G had gone to the prom together at the end of their senior year.  The rest of the school year passed, and both graduated from high school.  Things moved quickly after that.

Brandy found a job working days and began taking night classes at a nearby college.  The couple got engaged and decided to buy a mobile home.  They found a mobile home that they liked and with my husband co-signing, they purchased it.  It was now July of 1997.

A spot was already set up for a mobile home on the 30 acre farm that my husband’s family owns.  Brandy’s grandparents agreed to let the couple put the mobile home on that spot.  Once the home was delivered and set up, G moved in.  He continued to work, and began making the payments on the home.  He and Brandy began to plan a wedding.

Time passed and soon it was the end of 1997.  The couple had set a wedding date of May 16.  Brandy had bought her wedding dress, invitations had been ordered, the wedding site had been booked,  as well as the photographer. 

Christmas came and went and all was well….or so we all thought.  It was a couple of weeks into January of 1998 that we found out different. 

The couple was working, going to school, and planning the wedding.  It was a busy and stressful time.  One  Thursday night, the couple had an argument.  It didn’t seem to be a huge one, but G went home and Brandy went to bed.

On Friday afternoon, G never came home from work.  I just had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something wasn’t right.  He was always predictable–came home at the same time each day.  Finally, Brandy went down to the mobile home and let herself in.  What she experienced was something that I wished no child of mine or anybody elses would ever have to experience.  

What she found was an empty home.  G had gathered all of his belongings and slipped away like a theif in the night.  We had no idea where he went or why.  No explanation, just gone…I’ll never forget her face or her voice when she came back and said “mama, he’s gone!”

 We don’t know the exact reason why G left,  even now.  We did contact his mother and found out that he had moved back home.  Apparently there had been some discussions with his family and he’d decided to call the wedding off and move back home.  His mother had him return the mobile home keys to us, but he brought them and left without saying a word. 

What followed was the most painful time of our lives.  We had all been dealt a crushing blow.  Never in a million years would any of us have expected this!  In addition to watching Brandy go through the pain of being betrayed by someone whom she loved and trusted, we had to deal with “unplanning” the wedding and  paying for the mobile home!

We lost the money that we’d invested in the invitations and the booking the wedding site, but we were able to return the wedding dress and  thank goodness we hadn’t paid the photographer anything yet.  My husband returned the dress for us, bless his heart, because neither Brandy nor I could bring ourselves to do it.

The mobile home sat there unoccupied for a few months, but we finally decided that Brandy could either move in and take care of it or we’d sell it.  Brandy moved in, but couldn’t afford her car payment and the mobile home payment, so we ended up helping her make one payment or the other.  It was a difficult time for all of us.

You know the saying…”that which does not kill you will make you stronger”?  Well, we all survived.  It changed all of us forever, but we survived.  We found strength in each other and in believing that God had other plans for Brandy’s life…which He did.

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  1. Very nice story.

    • Thanks for your recent visit to my blog, and for leaving a comment. I’ve entered your name in the gift card give away. Good luck! Drawing is on Monday! Kathy

  2. […] It was winter of 1998, and there were wedding plans in the works then, too. This time my daughter was doing the planning. She was planning to marry her high school sweetheart of four years. Alas, both were young, only eighteen, and it wasn’t meant to be. (The original version of the story is here.) […]

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