Daughters and Dating…

This is a sensitive subject and I sure hope I don’t get into trouble for writing about it, but it’s a part of our family history so here goes

My daughter had the most awful time with her “love life” of almost anyone I know.  It’s sort of like a family “curse”.

Brandy and this boy whom I’ll call G, started liking each other in the seventh grade.  This attraction continued through the ninth grade.  Of course they were too young to date, but he was occasionally dropped off  at our house for a visit– with his his sister tagging along most of the time.  His sister was his chaperone!  Occasionally,  Brandy was invited to do things with his family or his mother would invite Brandy and me on a shopping trip with her and G–that type of thing.

8th Grade Graduation

8th Grade Graduation

 Brandy and G both attended the same school through the eighth grade, but then we chose to send Brandy to a small private school instead of the large county high school.  Brandy and G were a couple all during the ninth grade, but broke up just prior to the tenth grade.  The two of them got back together sometime around the beginning of the eleventh grade.

All during this dating period, there was one constant…G’s daddy was a “pain in the rear”.  I don’t know any nice way to put it.  I liked G’s mama and we became friends, but her husband was something else.  Even she would admit that!  Any problems that came up between Brandy and G could usually traced back to his dad.  He couldn’t stand the fact that G was crazy about Brandy and he did everything in his power to make it hard for them to be together.  As a general rule, Brandy and G saw each other when his dad was out of town on road trips.   There were many times that G’s dad threw a “monkey wrench” in the couple’s plans… but one particular time he really  outdid himself!

You know every girl dreams of their prom, and getting that first formal dress, and Brandy was no exception.  She found the dress of her dreams and we bought it!  She was all excited about going to the prom….then it happened–G’s dad announced that G would NOT be allowed to go to the prom!   No discussion,  no compromise–just no!  He said he didn’t go to his eleventh grade prom and therefore,  G wouldn’t be going to his either.  Brandy’s dress hung in the closet for another whole year before she got to wear it.

That’s the way things went with G’s daddy until the last half of the couple’s  senior year of school.  Brandy and G were pretty serious about each other by then–they’d been together  for going on five years.  Finally, G’s dad gave him an ultimatum, that I don’t understand to this day…either break up with Brandy or get out of my house.  G made his choice and out.  He left late one night carrying his things. 

G had no place to go–no family near by, so we took him into our home.  I cleaned out part of our “junk room” so he’d  have a place to sleep.  I know that may sound strange, but by then he was sort of like family so we just took him in. 

G had already earned enough credits to graduate high school by December, so he was able to work the last half of his senior year, then go back and graduate with his class.  So that’s what he did.  He lived with us, worked days,  and saw his mother and sister when his dad wasn’t home.

So for six months G lived with us.  I never in a million years dreamed I’d have my daughter’s boyfriend living at our house…but you never know what you will do until faced with the unimaginable.  We took G in and treated him like a fourth child.  Strangely enough, things went very well!  He got along well with our two sons and was very respectful to me and to my husband.

Prom Night 1997

Prom Night 1997

…The months went by and soon it was time for the prom again.  This time Brandy and G got to go to the prom–and she finally got to wear the beautiful dress that had been hanging in her closet for over a year! (to be continued tomorrow)
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