Six Word Saturday…

6wsButtonIt’s time for Six Word Saturday again.  You know…where you have to describe your life in six words.  After you read my six words, hop on over to Cate’s place at and read more Six Word Saturday posts.  Join in yourself, you might like it. 

Now for my six words:  Almost everyone here has been sick!

Yes, it’s true!  The cold/flu season is here.  We’ve all had this illness that causes a sore throat, laryngitis, cough,  fever, and fatigue.  No fun!  My son caught it, then my grandaughter, then my son-in-law, then I caught it, now my daughter has it…That just leaves my husband out..of course he’s been nursing a broken  wrist for 5 weeks!

Don’t forget to leave a comment(about your favorite fall memory) if you would like to be entered in my weekend gift bag giveaway.  See Friday’s post for details…

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  1. Stopping by from Six Word Saturday. Hope you all start to feel better soon:)

  2. Everyone there keep out of here

    • I love your comments. You are very gifted with words. I always look for your comments on other people’s SWS. Funny!!!

  3. Hope your daughter feels better soon!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Hope you’re all feeling better soon. Cold and flu season certainly hit early 😦

  5. That’s no fun – hope everyone is all better soon!

  6. Most people I know have already been sick this season…I have it right now. Hope everyone feels better!!!

  7. Sorry everyone has been sick. Hopefully your husband doesn’t catch it because it sounds like he’s been dealing with enough. Thanks for playing 6WS!

  8. so sorry that you’re dealing with sickness. i think it will be a small miracle if anyone can get through this winter without coming down with something. hope everyone feels better soon.

  9. Oh dear, I truly love fall & winter, but I’m not looking forward to the cold and flu season!
    Hope all feel better soon.

  10. Kathy, I hope everyone is well soon. Blessings my friend,

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