Not Me, Monday

Before getting started with my Not Me, Monday post…I would like to proudly announce that the winner of the Favorite Fall Memories Giveaway is….Audrey from   Audrey is a blogging friend, faithful reader, and a beautiful person…She leaves the sweetest comments.  Congratulations to you, Audrey!  I’ll get your prize in the mail today.  


And now for my weekly dose of Not Me, Monday therapy…. 

No, I didn’t spent the ENTIRE past week sick as a dog, no, not me.  I did not spend most of the week either in bed or on the couch.   Thankfully, I feel much better today…now to face a house that has been uncleaned in a week…

No, my house is not a complete and total wreck…I do not have princess dolls standing on their heads in my bowl of apples that sits on the coffee table–Madison’s creative work!  Two of my rooms do not look like I am getting ready to have a yard sale–but I am not!

No, I did not finally sweep the pine straw off the porch, only to have a storm come through last night and completely cover the entire porch with straw again…along with a tree branch!

No, I did not hear the pitter patter of little foot steps coming down the hall Friday morning at 6:45 as Madison came to tell us goodbye before leaving for her trip to Disneyworld…a little early morning lovin’…No, I was not sad to see them go…

No, the place has not been terribly quiet for the past two days…No it is not sad to look over at the quiet, abandoned house…No, I do not miss seeing Madison playing around in the yard…

No, I did not receive my new order from Bath and Body Works, which was delivered to my son’s  house by mistake… only to discover that one of my two jar candles was broken…darn….

No, I did not find– quite by accident–a set of living room furnitre  that I truly love… wait 3 weeks for it to go on sale–then miss the sale!  I did not call the store to inquire about the sale, which I was told I had missed…only to be offered a great deal on the set anyway!  I did not excitedly tell my husband of my incredible fortune, only to have him dash my hopes with his lack of interest or willingness to purchase this furniture….I am not a happy woman right now….

No, my husband did not spend the entire weekend outside–in the yard.  No, he was not watching a fire burn for most of an entire afternoon…How exciting can it be to sit and watch a fire burn for hours and hours?  No, I did not decide that my husband and I do not find pleasure in the same types of things…My husband did not come in from watching the fire and complain that he was tired…It must be hard work watching that fire burn!  MY fire is burning as I write this…thinking about someone else buying that living room set…

That’s it for my Monday.  What have you not done lately?  Hop on over to Mckmama’s place at to see what she and others have NOT been up to.  Thanks so much for stoppin by!

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  1. bummer about the furniture 😦

  2. Kathy, Hope you get the furniture you want. I know you will miss your family while they are on vacation. I can’t wait to see all the pics you share when they get home. I am so glad you are feeling better. Thank You for sharing.

  3. Kathy, Thank You for the great prize. Many Blessings,

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