Let Me Tell You About Bobs the Cat!

Bobs The Cat

Bobs The Cat

Bobs the cat is a gray, tabby, female, bobtail cat.  Bobs came to my daughter, Brandy, as a very small, wild stray kitten.  Brandy,  previously lived in a mobile home close to the highway, which made her a target for “drop offs”.   We think that someone abandoned Bobs beside the highway and she made her way to Brandy’s house.  Brandy had some other kittens at the time(more strays) and Bobs just moved in with them.  Bobs so tiny and cute, no more than 6 weeks old when she was abandoned, but boy was she was WILD! 

I’d never met a cat that I couldn’t conquer, but I wasn’t having any luck with Bobs!  The whole family tried and tried to get close to Bobs, without any luck.  Brandy’s husband, Clint,  did actually get close enough to get his hands on Bobs once, but Bobs “tore him up” and he quickly let go!  We couldn’t even get close enough to see if the cat was a he or a she, so Brandy just nicknamed the cat “Bobs” since it didn’t have a tail. 

Bobs is a bit odd looking, she resembles a real wild bobcat in a lot of ways, her coloring and her behavior at times!  She climbs trees like no other cat that I’ve ever seen–it’s surreal– she just walks straight up the side of them with no effort.   

After several months, Brandy and family decided to move just down the road and  next door to us(in our previous house).  We weren’t sure what was going to happen to Bobs since nobody had been able to get their hands on Bobs–with the exception of poor Clint that one time!   Believe me, we all tried!   We even tried to trap her.  Brandy and family moved, along with the other tame cats, but left Bobs behind. 

As I said before, I’d never met a cat that I couldn’t handle, until Bobs.  I decided I’d take my large dog crate up to the trailer and put some food inside–and wait.  I waited a while and Bobs must’ve been very hungry, because she FINALLY went inside of the crate to get the food.  When she did, I made my move and shut the door.  When I shut that door, Bobs went ballistic!  She bounced around the inside of that crate like something WILD!  I’ve never seen anything like it!  Clint happened to drive by at just that moment and happened to have a pair of leather work gloves, which he used to pick up that crate!  Bobs was captured!  We took cat and crate to their its new home.  Long story short, by the next day, Bobs was back at the old house down the road!

Well, I wasn’t about to let this cat out do me, so I began to go back to the trailer and leave food and water for Bobs every afternoon.  I’d sit on the steps of the porch and make Bobs come and eat while I watched.  By that time, I’d gotten a close enough look to discover that Bobs was a female.  After a few days of feeding Bobs and talking to her while she ate, a very strange thing happened…Bobs let me touch her!  That was a miracle, if I’ve ever seen one!  Pretty soon Bobs would be waiting for me– every day, and she just got friendlier each day…then I noticed that Bobs was getting fat!  Yep, you probably guessed it!  Bobs had gotten herself pregnant!

Isn’t that the way life goes…I had a dozen and a half very fat, spoiled, yard cats at my house already–all of them spade and neutered–and here I was befriending a wild stray cat that turns up pregnant!  Trust me the story only gets deeper…stay tuned for part two tomorrow…

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  1. Kathy, I am fixing to go read part two. Can’t wait. Brian used to have a Manx cat when we were dating. I think they are so pretty. Thanks for sharing. Great story… Blessings,

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