Bringing Bobs Home…part two of Bobs’ story

Bobs is home

Bobs is home

After I discovered that Bobs the wild cat was pregnant, I didn’t know quite what to do.  She was still pretty wild, even though she would let me rub her.  I slowly worked my way up to being able to hold her in my lap while sitting outside on the steps.  I love cats– any cats, but bobtail ones are my favorites.  I have a tendency to get involved with needy animals, especially cats.  I was always the one who brought home the cats from the shelter when their time had come to be euthanized…that’s how we ended up with so many!   

My husband is a very loving and patient man, but he began to get ill with me after I kept bringing cats home.  He was very ill by the time the number grew t0 over 20!   I found homes for a couple of them, and 2 or 3 of them died  over time, but I still had 18 left at the time I was dealing with Bobs. 

I kept going daily and working with Bobs.  I eventually got her in a cat carrier and brought her home with me.  My husband, who is generally a kind, loving soul–turned sour and not so nice.  I loaded Bobs up and took her back to the trailer…but I did make a promise to Bobs that I would continue to see about her and after she’d had her kittens, I would give her a home.  About this time, my son, Brett,  and his wife had purchased the mobile home from Brandy and family and moved in.  Bobs now had people living at her old house, but they didn’t want cats because cats are notorious for scratching your vehicles–you should see mine!

I’ll never forget, it was Easter Sunday afternoon.  I went to feed Bobs and visit with her.  She had gotten huge and I knew it wouldn’t be long  before she had those kittens.  When I got there, Bobs had already given birth.  She was a tiny cat, and from the looks of her, she’d had a very difficult delivery.  I’ve never seen a cat tore up from birth like that!  I think it hadn’t very long since she’d had them.  We all searched and searched, but couldn’t find those kittens anywhere. 

Just 4 days later I found the headless body of one of the kittens laying in the yard.  It was a large, healthy looking kitten, and it looked just like Bobs, including the fact that it had no tail!  Apparently, something found the kittens during the night and killed all of them.  Poor Bobs, I felt awful for her.  She went through all of that to give birth, and now all of her babies were dead.  After waiting a couple of more days, I saw that Bobs wasn’t being nursed and I knew for sure that there were no surviving kittens.  By then, my husband had mellowed a little, and he knew me well enough to know that it was hopeless—I  finally brought Bobs to our house to live.

  I made an appointment to get her spade, but the vet said that her milk needed to be completely dried up, so they made it for the following week or so.  About 2 or 3 days after I brought Bobs home with me, she began to go into heat!  I couldn’t believe it!  I called the vet back for an emergency appointment for spaying!

Now this is where the story takes a twist.  I decided to use my daughter’s vet, because he doesn’t use stitches, he uses glue and there’s no need to remove stitches afterward.  That would be helpful in Bob’s case since she was still not totally tamed.  I asked Brandy if she’d take Bobs to the vet and drop her off for me.  She agreed to take Bobs to vet.  They just listed Bobs as her cat because she brought her in.

That afternoon I called to see how Bobs was and they told me that I could come and get her.  I sent Brandy to pick her up.  When Brandy got there, the vet was waiting for herIt seems that there had been a problemto be continued tomorrow….

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  1. What a great story…I have really been enjoying reading about Bobs. I am now sitting here guessing what happened… Can’t wait to read the rest. Hope you post soon lol. Blessings,

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