Bobs Did What?….part 3 of Bobs’ story


When I left off with part 2 of my story, Brandy was on her way to pick up the cat after they had spade her…When Brandy got to the vet’s office to pick up Bobs the cat, he began to ask her questions about the cat.  She confessed that the cat really belonged to her mother.  He wanted to know if the cat had been kept indoors, if she’d had previous shots, etc.

Here’s the scoop on what transpired at the vet’s office.  Bobs was in the cat carrier.  When the vet tech went to remove Bobs from the carrier to weigh her, Bobs went ballistic and  attacked her!  Bobs bit her and clawed her in the face!  Because Bobs had been outside and had not had a previous rabies shot, the vet was required by law to quarantine Bobs for 10 days!  The vet tech got sent to the doctor for treatment of her wounds.  They could not believe that Bobs would allow me or anyone else to hold her as wild as she was!!!

When Brandy called and told me this story, I nearly died in my tracks!  Poor vet tech, poor Bobs, poor me!  How much more was I going to have to endure with this cat?  I got in my car and drove to the vet’s office.  They were very nice, and explained things again to me, but told me that I could not have my cat for 10 days.  I was heart broken.  I apologized for my cat’s behavior and left.

  I called every 2 or 3 days to check on Bobs.  I don’t think anyone there had any use for my cat, and I don’t think she was treated very well. I did feel bad for the vet tech and sent her a card with an apology, but Bobs was simply scared and just doing what was natural.  I’d finally gained her trust, and now she was caged up for 10 days without any human contact.  I cried…more than once. 

On the tenth day when I picked Bob up, I couldn’t believe my eyes!  She was wilder than ever and  was as skinny as if she hadn’t eaten in 10 days.  I wonder if she was even fed or if she just wouldn’t eat!  Her incision has burst open and was raw and oozing.  The real “kicker” was when I went to pay the bill.  It was supposed to be $135.00…it cost me $285.00 to get Bobs out of there!  They charged me $15  for every day that Bobs was in quarantine!  I was SO MAD!!!

I brought Bobs home…again, and worked with her.  Within a few days, she was calm and healthy again.  Bobs and I have a special relationship.  We’ve been through a lot together.  I tell her she’s like a “bad child”.  When she’s bad, she’s bad, but then she can be so loving, too.  I think she knows that I rescued her–twice.

After she was spayed and tamed again, Bobs was like a playful kitten for a long time–except she was grown.  I guess she had to go back and make up for what she missed.  She was forever into something!  She has this horrible habit of getting inside of the bottom of my couch and clawing….drives me crazy and makes my husband MAD!  She’s obsessed with trying to eat my parakeet, who lives on top of my curio cabinet(I have a set of claw marks where Bobs tried to climb the  cabinet once), and her favorite place in the house if my husband’s bed(he hates her for that).  Her favorite toy was a bunch of feathers on a fishing pole.  She’s jumped after that pole a million times.  Now Bobs has had her second childhood and grown up. Now she is sort of chubby and lazy like me.  We make a great pair! 

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You Can Win This!

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  1. Kathy, Thank You for posting part three of your story. You have been through so much with Bobs. What a great story. Many Blessings my friend. Have the best weekend…

  2. I haven´t had time to come by your blog this week. But now I read all three episode of Bobs the cat. How sweet you are to take her in like that.
    I have such a love/hate relationship with our dog too. At times she just makes me so mad, and others I wouldn´t want to miss her in my life.
    I hope Bobs will enjoy her old days in your home!

  3. I actually have a dog now, named Luana and she’s so adorable. She has some problems…a bit of a protective issue, so she gets angry with people if they come in or we try and leave. but I love her and she’s a huge part of this family.

  4. I just love our new furniture

  5. I could give you a few crazy cat stories too. I so understand. But my most memorable pet was Abby. She was a pitbull/boxer mix & was the most awesome dog ever. She was great with the kids, a super watch dog & the best frisbie catcher in the world. She is missed.

  6. You can read my post about my wonderful memorable pet here:

    Thanks for the giveaway 😀

  7. Years ago we had a Beautiful Bird named Charlie that when you let him out of his cage he would shed paper in a line and then stick them in his backside so he looked like a turkey! That was the funniest thing~and I have never seen another bird do that 🙂

    Thanks so much for the chance!

    And~you do have a great heart for doing that for Bobs!!


  8. My most memorable pet would have to be my toy poodle Chloe. I had her for 6 years she was like my baby and then what happened I had a baby and not a good match to say the least. She was an apricot poodle tiny of stature but on personality she outweighed the biggest dog possible. I gave her to my sister and she is still the apple of my eye for pets. She just turned 13 and still acts like a puppy.

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