Not Me, Monday!


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  The winner of Friday’s Giveaway is…”justanarmywifejustamommy”  I hope that you enjoy your prize. I will get it  in the mail as soon as I get your mailing address.  Thanks to all who participated, and especially for the advice that you all gave me about seeing the surgeon…it was unanimous…  One comment , in particular , told me everything I needed to hear to make my decision final.  I’ll be seeing a surgeon on Nov. 2.   I’ll let you know what happens.

I also appreciate the nice notes of thanks that I have been receiving from those readers who have received their prizes.  I always enjoy hearing that they arrived and that you like them.  I sent some socks to Malaysia a couple of weeks ago,  and they arrived safely!  Now, here’s today’s post:

Hello, readers!  It’s that time again…Monday!  Time for the weekly session of being brutally honest..this fun blog carnival was created by mckmama at

I feel stressed!

I feel stressed!

I can not be brutally honest about this past week because I can’t remember what happened!  Do you ever have weeks like that?  The whole week went by in one big blur…

I do remember that I did not get my house cleaned all week, and actually had to resort to asking my husband to clean the kitchen and living room on Saturday morning while I helped my daughter with party preparations…I did not feel terrible that he worked all week, then had to do my house cleaning for me.

I did not go and pick up my new prescription eyeglasses last week.  They are my first “real glasses”, although I have been wearing over the counter readers for years.  Boy!  I can see everything now as long as I wear those glasses, but I am blind as a bat when I take them off!   I can actually see the eye of a sewing needle again–as long as I keep those glasses on.  Unfortunately, the glasses give me a headache–someone please tell me this will get better…

My daughter did not take Madison for a wellness checkup, only to find out that Madison isn’t well after all.  She discovered that Madison has low hemoglobin.  My daughter has not been trying since last Wednesday to get a prescription for an iron supplement filled…the first prescription was for liquid, which Madison will not take.  The second prescription was for a supplement that is no longer available, the third prescription is available, but the pharmacy had to order it…Hopefully, Madison will get to start taking her iron supplement tomorrow night!

My daughter did not take me for my annual GYN checkup the following day, after Madison’s checkup.  I did not learn at this visit that I was not “home free” after my recent suspicious mammogram, and have been referred to a surgeon for a consultation.  I was not caught totally by surprise at this news…it will be another week before my consultation…now you know why the week is a blur…(for any new readers-my mammogram showed what was referred to as a probable benign calcification)

I did not dream last night that I was pregnant(I’m 55) AND dying of breast cancer!  I have been having some weird dreams this month.  I did not tell my husband that I thought that the pharmacy had “slipped ” a little something extra in my compounded hormone capsules…perhaps a little too much progesterone.

Speaking of hormone capsules–those are what make me a happy and pleasant person to live with since my hysterectomy 9 years ago… My doctor is not cutting my dosage nearly in half due to that suspicious mammogram…Lord, please be with my husband!  It’s going to be a rocky road around here for a couple of months until I get adjusted…did I mention how much I hate hot flashes and night sweats???  Then there’s those mood swings–crying spells…I only lasted a week with no hormones after my hysterectomy!

That’s it for my “Not Me, Monday”.  I hope that you have a great week–and I hope that I have a great week also! LOL  Thanks for stopping by, do come again…

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  1. Kathy, Congratulations to your winner… I pray you get the biopsy. I pray it is fine. I am always here.

  2. This is a strange day to visit.
    All those nots confuse me.
    But I am glad your going to see a surgeon.

    • Thank you for dropping by “Reflections”, Dr. John–even if you did get confused by all of my Nots in my Monday post. That’s just the way the posts are supposed to be written–it’s being sarcastic. I always love your comments! Have a great week! Kathy

  3. If you are going to half proof hormone replacement try supplementing with natural things. I can get you a list of natural things if you want. My friend is doing it all naturally and it having not too bad of a time.
    I am 54 and had cataract surgery in July and September. I was not supposed to have to wear glasses afterward but I still need them. I say no fair.
    I hope the baby gets better with the iron. I am sure that you all know that iron supplements can cause constipation. Just so you know to be watching for it.
    Have a great week. I hope it is one you can remember and doesn’t pass all in a blur.

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