My Christian Experiences…part 1


I was brought up attending church sporadically.  I went to church enough to know that there was a God and that He loved me.  My parents and I were  Baptists.  I joined the church and was baptized at age 16.  I went to church pretty regular until I married Ed,  when I was almost 18.  Then we did like so many young couples and didn’t go to church regularly.  We’d go, but not on a regular basis.

Brandy was about 5 years old and Brett was almost 2, when I began to feel the need to get back in church.  I didn’t want to be guilty of raising my children outside of the church.  I wanted them to have what I never had–the chance to go to Sunday School and worship regularly at church. 

On Super Bowl Sunday of that year, Ed, the children, and I went to church with the aunt and uncle that we have in common.(remember…Ed’s aunt married my uncle)  When we sat down in that church, I felt immediately at home.  It was a small church, still under construction.  There was no carpeting on the floors, and the pews were very old–and I do mean old, more like wooden benches, but God’s spirit was definitely in that little church!  Such singing I’ve never heard from such a small group.  The piano player couldn’t read a note of music, but she played fabulously “by ear”.  The pastor was the best speaker I’ve ever heard–bar none!  Members stood and gave testimony at every service–something I’d never seen much of.  I was sold on that little church that first day, and I told Ed that I was going to join the following Sunday!

Now Ed probably thought I was crazy, but he agreed to follow along, and we both were baptized together.  Ed had never been baptized before, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get re-baptized now that I was older and understood the meaning of everything better.  Our baptism was a beautiful service and we settled in our new church home quickly. 

00068I saw so many good things those months that we were there.  That church was on the move for Christ.  They were not trying to work their way to heaven or anything, they just loved the Lord!  I quickly felt the same way.  I’m normally a quiet, shy person, but I wasn’t that way when it came to doing the Lord’s work.  Once we had Friendship Sunday, where the person who brought the most people to church was awarded a Bible.  I ended up with that  Bible, and here is how it happened… 

A young boy had accidentally gotten shot in the head while  in the yard with his dad.  The dad was target practicing with a rifle.  The bullet ricocheted off  of a tree and struck the boy who was standing behind his dad.  The dad didn’t even realize what had happened until he heard the boy fall to the ground.  The boy’s name was Jason.

  Ed was “on call” that weekend, and he  met Jason’s  family at the hospital when the boy was brought in.  He also did the x-rays on Jason.  Jason was later transferred to a larger hospital, where he not only survived the wound, but recovered fairly well.  When Ed told me about Jason’s accident, I couldn’t get him off my mind.  Later, when I heard that Jason was finally home from the hospital, I made him a gift basket, and Ed and I went to visit the family.  We had a nice visit, and as we were leaving, I invited the whole family to come to church, which they eventually did–on Friendship Sunday.  God works in mysterious ways.  To be continued…

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful testimonial of God at work.

    • I appreciate your comment very much. Thanks for reading! God bless, Kathy

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