Tuesday’s Blog Hop…Not So Perfect Photos

Today’s blog hop is photos… Here are some “not so perfect” school pictures of my children–from many years ago… 


Brandy's third grade school photo

Brandy's third grade school photo

If you look close, you can see that Brandy’s eyes are red and so is her nose.  Her teacher, who was helping with pictures that day, said something to Brandy that made her cry…and cry…and cry.  I was not a happy mama when I got these pictures..

Brett's school picture--2nd or 3rd grade

Brett's school picture--2nd or 3rd grade

If you look closely at the eye on the left side of the picture, you will notice that it is discolored around it.  That is because Brett and a friend were playing, and the friend “head-butted” Brett and gave him a black eye.  Boys will be boys–even right before picture day at school!  It was my fault that Brett’s shirt is buttoned all the way up–I couldn’t stand to leave them unbuttoned…

Brad in kindergarten

Brad in kindergarten

Does this child look unhappy or what?  Someone must’ve threatened to beat him if he smiled.  He looks nearly as unhappy as Brandy did.  This is the only school photo that we have of Brad with that bluish mole on his face.  We were advised to have it removed because it was suspicious, so we had a plastic surgeon remove it.  You’d never know that Brad ever had that mole.

Brandy at the 8th grade dance

Brandy at the 8th grade dance

Now, how about this little photo here?  Do you suppose that Brandy’s mind wandered for just a second?  What do you think she could’ve been thinking about?  What was the photographer thinking about???  Brandy did have a date with her, and the picture of the two  of them together was much better!

I hope that  you enjoyed my “not so perfect” school pictures…there are plenty more where those came from–but I must save those for another day.  Thanks so much for hopping by…Kathy

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Not Me, Monday…

Not_Me_Monday_SIDEBAR_180_x_180Okay, I give up!  I wasn’t going to write a Not Me post today, but it just felt wrong not to…I felt like the day wasn’t complete.  I tell you I am a creature of habit!!!  So here goes my Monday confessions…

I am not writing my second post of the day, when I am supposed to be doing my Monday chores…not me, I would never postpone my cleaning for anything…

I did not pull two expired dessert mixes from my pantry last weekend.  One of them expired in 2007.  I would never buy food and put off cooking it until it expired!

I did not decide that my pantry could use a good cleaning out over the weekend… I did not find a trash bag full of expired food…so much for living frugally.  I rotated my stock and promised myself I’d do better…

I did not try my hand at Wii fishing last night and have a blast!  I did not miss way more fish than I caught though.  I did not also try target shooting and discover that I shoot better than I fish…I did not keep shooting myself by accident though…

I did not let my granddaughter, Madison spend the night with me on Friday night.  The next morning Madison did not put her fingers in her ears when I was trying to tell her to use the potty.   I did not wonder where in the world this child would learn such a thing before age 3!

I did not make a lovely fall display last weekend–complete with 3 bales of hay, indian corn, and assorted pumpkins and gourds.  It did not rain on my display all week.  This week I am not sprouting indian corn in my hay and attracting an assortment of fruit flies to my gourds…my lovely display is not looking so lovely this week….

Well, I feel better now.  Like I’ve had my weekly therapy, if you will…If you enjoy this type of thing, hop on over to Mckmama’s place and join in her blog carnival of Not Me Monday posts.  It might be just what you need to make your Monday complete!  Thanks Mckmama, you made my day!  Until next week….Kathy

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I Was 36 Years Old When I Found the Second Love of My Life…

First of all…hello!  If you are expecting to see a Not Me, Monday post, you’ll have to go to my other blog at http://www.many-mimi-mini-tales.blogspot.com I wrote a “Not Me” post over there today and left this blog open for regular writing.  Don’t you just love to change things up a bit every now and then?

The next order of the day is to announce the winner of Friday’s Giveaway.  I had seven entries and I let Random.org do the choosing today.  It chose the numer 7, which was the last entry.  The author of that story was “2 cats”.  Congratulations to 2 cats!  She won the apple themed gift bag, with soap, towel, and shelf sitter. If you participated and didn’t win, there will be another giveaway on Friday!

Now for today’s story bout finding the second love of my life…

I’ll bet I know what you are thinking…especially if you don’t know me!  My husband of 37 years, Ed, is the first love of my life.  The second love of my life is… teaching!  The following is the story of how I discovered this love.

It was fall of 1989 and my youngest child, Brad, was just 4 years old.  The middle child was 7 and Brandy was 11.  I was beginning to have a little time on my hands, especially when the oldest two children were in school.  I was so excited to actually be able to do other things! 

I’d begun teaching Sunday School at our church.  I taught  Primaries, but Brad(age 4) was in there, too, because he was the only child in his age group.  From the time I began teaching Sunday School, I loved teaching!  I had a class full of all boys for a long time!   One particular night sticks out in my mind, when one of those little boys called me at home, upset because he was going to have to miss my class the next day, and he wanted me to know why.  So sweet… 

Before long,   I went on to begin to work with our church youth group on Sunday evenings.  There was already a program in place for the older kids, aged 9 and up,  but nothing for kids younger than 9.  I began a program for ages 8 and under.  I had that same little group of boys.  Sometimes we’d do a play or a program for the Sunday evening service, or sing for the Sunday morning service.  I loved working with children. 

Our church hadn’t been having Vacation Bible School,  but at my suggestion, we began to have VBS the following summer.  For the next 3 years or so, I was either the director or assistant director of VBS, in addition to teaching a class.  I even got my husband Ed involved making the sets for the backdrops and helping set things up. Each morning I’d take our huge old suburban truck and pick up a load of kids for VBS!  Those summers are among some of my fondest memories.

About the time all of this was taking place at church, my cousin who works at school, told me that they needed a paraprofessional in first grade.  She said she thought I’d be great at it, and why didn’t I apply.  I did apply– then worried if I’d done the right thing.  Brad was still not old enough to be in school, and I had serious second thoughts about leaving him.  It turned out that I didn’t get the job anyway.  About six months later, another position came open, but I still didn’t even get called for an interview.  I secretly breathed a sigh of relief…

Exactly a year later from when I first applied for that parapro job, Brad started kindergarten.  I was thinking by then that I was getting ready to go back to work after 14 years of raising children.  I began to volunteer at the elementary school a couple of days a week.  I’d go to school and run copies for some of the second grade teachers.  One of my teacher friends had suggested that my presence around the school might help keep me in mind when another job became available.  It worked!  This is the strange part–  In January of 1991, the paraprofessional position that I originally applied for in 1989 came open again.  I was hired for the job.  I found it amazing that God saw fit to give me that job in His own time, not mine.  I began working for one of Brandy’s former teachers!  I worked in first grade. 

one of my first official "school pictures" for the yearbook

one of my first official "school pictures" for the yearbook

It was difficult to start working at school in the middle of a school year. Things are already in full swing by then.   I didn’t know all of the rules, and the children did.  They would try to fool me sometimes!  I didn’t know much about anything, so I graded papers and listened to the children read.  I also was in charge of the bulletin boards and I’d help the children with art projects.  By the end of that school year, I was beginning to get the hang of the way things worked around a school.

The next school year started late due to incomplete school construction.  It was a blessing to me because we also had our third round of construction going on at home.  I was freaking out wondering how I was going to go back to work with my house in shambles, so when I got the word that school would be late starting, I said a “thank you” prayer! 

By the time we were able to start school, construction wasn’t quite finished at school, but it was at home.  I figured I could deal with a mess at one of the two places!  By the time I completed my first whole year of working in first grade, I was in love with teaching for sure!   I was beginning to figure out more ways that I could help with actually teaching the children, and the teacher let me use my ideas.  She was always great about that.

 It was still a simpler time back then.  Not so many rules and regulations by the government, and children were not so wise in the ways of the world like they are now.  Unfortunately, things were changing year by year…  To be continued…thanks for stopping by!

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Six Word Saturday

6wsButtonThe weekend is here again and that means it’s time to participate in “Six Word Saturday”.  I will describe what is going on with me in just six words.  This meme is the brain child of a clever lady whose name is Cate. Visit her at http://www.showmyface.com

My six words for today are:

Cool fall weather is FINALLY here!

I live way down south in Georgia…so far south that we are less than 2 hours away from  Florida.  We’ve been craving some cool weather since September.  It finally arrived last night!  It’s 51 degrees outside which is still  considered warm to some, but it feels so good to me!  I have the heat on for the first time!   Happy fall, finally!…Kathy

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Friday’s Giveaway Story…”Close Calls” With the Weather

You may be the winner of this prize!

You may be the winner of this prize!

This Friday’s Giveaway Prize is a gift bag containing Bath and Bodyworks antibacterial soap(apple), an apple dish towel, and a little shelf sitter figurine of a girl holding an apple.  See the end of this post to find out how to win…

76b5c46bd84ede24The weather here has been absolutely horrid for the past week.  Rain, rain, rain.  I believe it’s because I decorated our yard for Halloween last weekend.  Everytime I put bales of hay outside, it rains on it– a lot.  I’ll have to remember that during our next drought.  All of this rain makes me think of a few “close calls” that I’ve experienced over the years.

Ed and I have experienced a couple of lightning strikes to our house during our marriage.  It struck our television once, and another time it struck our telephone and actually burned the wall where the phone jack was.  This is relatively mild damage compared to what happens to some people.

I’ve experienced one tornado that passed through our backyard while I was home alone.  I was pregnant at the time, and we were living in our mobile home.  I didn’t drive at the time either.  The storm came out of nowhere and was there before I knew it.  Even if I’d wanted to leave, there wasn’t time.  I just went in the smallest room of the trailer, sat in a rocking chair, and prayed.  It sounded like a train when it came through, and the trailer shook.  The roll out window was lifted straight up by force of the wind.  The tornado came and went quickly.  Fortunately, the only damage it left was a large uprooted oak tree in the backyard.

The most rain I’ve ever experienced was during the winter of 1998.  It rained and rained.  Our septic tank quit working due to the amount of water in the backyard.  Our water in the well looked like water in a mud puddle because of so much new water in the ground.  We had to buy bottled water to drink and use in the kitchen until the well cleared up.

I also remember “The Storm of the Century”.  I can’t remember the exact year, but the children were still fairly young.  I also had two extra children staying with us because their mom was in the hospital.  The wind blew like nothing I’ve ever seen before and it was cold.  The power went out, but we had a gas stove in the kitchen and a Buckstove for heat.  We all gathered up in the living room and spent the day there until the storm passed.  I had a sheet up to the open doorway that led from the living room, and that sheet was just billowing like a sail from the air blowing through our house. We learned that day just how “untight” our house was.  We also learned that 5 children penned up in one room with 2 adults gets old after a while!

The only other really bad storm that I can remember was when Hurricane David hit Savannah many years ago.  We got some really nasty weather from that, and I was very thankful that we didn’t live any closer than we do, which is about 75 miles from the beach.  We lost power for a short time, but the people in Savannah were without for quite some time.

That’s it for my weather stories…how about you?  Have you had a “close call” ?  Have you experienced a flood?  Please share your experience in the form of a comment.  I will be accepting comments until midnight EST 10/18/09.  I will draw a winning name from the comments and announce the winner on Monday.  Thanks for hopping by…and good luck to everyone!  P.S.  Take a moment to read the comments–there are some great weather stories there!!! 

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Random Writings About My Family and Their Teeth…

chattering-teethMy husband Ed,  is absolutely terrified of a dentist.  He has immaculate teeth, because he brushes them like a madman every night, but he hates to go to the dentist.  He has bad memories from early years, because apparently the dentist never could get his teeth numbed before doing any drilling. 

Sometime back, Ed broke a tooth beyond repair.  He chose to get it pulled rather than spend a fortune for a crown.  He ended up going to an oral surgeon to get that tooth pulled–but the surgeon managed to get Ed’s tooth numb before he pulled it out.

Our daughter, Brandy, decided that she wanted braces at age 19 or so.  We split the cost with her.  I’ll never forget how she looked when she came out to the waiting room for a rest–in the middle of getting the braces put on.  Her hair was practically standing on end!  After a brief rest she returned to the chair and had the rest of the braces put on.   (Every time my dentist used to tell me that I sure could use a set of braces, I remembered Brandy’s harrowing experience, and told him “No thanks.”)  Of course, Brandy survived the experience and was faithful to brush and keep her braces and teeth cleaned and taken care of–resulting in a beautiful set of teeth about 2 and 1/2 years later. 

All of my children were finger or thumb suckers, and they all ended up with varying degrees of crooked smiles–but there is nothing wrong with that.  Brandy’s happened to be the worst.  When my boys smile I see my daddy’s smile–their teeth look exactly like his teeth used to.  Neither son  decided to get braces.   If they ever do get braces, I sure will miss that smile…

My mother spent the last few years of her life in either a nursing home or a mental health care facility.  All sorts of crazy things go on in both places.  One time while she was in one of the mental health care facilities, another patient came into her room and stole her false teeth–and was wearing them!  I wonder how that was working for the lady who stole them…

My last tooth story is about my mother-in-law.  She has dentures.  She soaks them in a cup at night, and leaves them in the bathroom while they are soaking.  This story took place about ten years ago.  Her husband was still living at the time, but was suffering with dementia.  He got up in the middle of the night,  dumped her teeth out in the toilet, then flushed it!  We believe that he realized what he’d done after he did it, and he tried to tell his wife.  She realized what he was trying to say when she discovered her teeth were missing!   

Ed’s brother actually went to the house and dug up the sewer line looking for those missing teeth!  He managed to find the top plate in a drain pipe(thank heaven for Clorox),  believe it or not, but the bottom plate was nowhere to be found. In the meantime, Ed’s daddy had a severe stroke and was very sick for about a month, then he passed away.  Ed’s mother went without her bottom teeth for all of that time.  Eventually, she was able to go to the dentist and have another bottom plate made.

I think that pretty much covers the subject of teeth, and you may be glad!  I thank you for stopping by and visiting.  Have a good one, and don’t forget to S-M-I-L-E….

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Random Writings About My Teeth…

bxp28275Sometimes I get these crazy ideas in the middle of the night about things to blog about.  Last night it was teeth!  It was probably because I was in bed, about to go to sleep– wearing a new mouth guard on my teeth…

When I was about twelve, I remember that my mother had to have her teeth pulled out and get a set of dentures.  The images of her suffering after having those teeth pulled and trying to get used to wearing her new dentures made a big impression on me.  The sight of her dentures soaking at night in a cup sort of grossed me out, too.  I decided right then and there, that I never wanted dentures! 

Money was tight when I was growing up. There was no extra for luxuries of dentist checkups and such.  Dental hygene wasn’t stressed in my family…In fact, I never knew that you were supposed to brush your teeth at least twice a day until I lived with my aunt and uncle for a couple of months when I was 7.  That made quite an impression on me!  My cousin grew up with absolutely no cavities what so ever! 

 The only time I ever got to visit the dentist was when I was 14– to have a tooth pulled because it was too  far gone to be saved.  By then I was brushing and taking care of my teeth, but a lot of damage had already been done from early years of not brushing.  I wouldn’t have the opportunity to return to the dentist for another two years.

When I was 16,  I went to a new dentist to have another tooth pulled.  The dentist looked at it and told me that he thought that he could save the tooth.  He drilled and filled and by the time he finished, it was more filling than tooth.  He must’ve done something right, because 38 years later, I still have that tooth!   The dentist told me that I had five other cavities that needed filling–soon.   He must’ve made an impression on my parents because they agreed to have my teeth fixed.  I don’t know where they got the money, but I am forever grateful that they did.

I spent a lot of time at the dentist during my senior year of high school.  My cavities were large so I’d get one filled, wait a bit, then have another one filled.  I only had one tooth that refused to cooperate and go completely numb.  I got five shots but that drilling and filling still hurt!  Fortunately, it was the last tooth that I needed to have filled.

I have used that same dentist for 38 years.  We go way back!  We laugh and joke about that sometimes.  I would drag in every couple of years for a cleaning and a checkup, but I brushed regularly!  Rarely have I had any cavities–I had them all when I was young!  I was slack about flossing in the early years, because I just hate to do it.  I still hate it, but I do it every night!

  About a year ago I began to wake up every day with  the side of my tongue sore.  Which ever side I slept on the longest, that side of my tongue that would be sore from rubbing on my teeth.  Last week I had a mouth guard made to cover my top teeth at night while I sleep.  Problem solved!  My tongue is still healing from being rubbed for so long, but it’s getting better.  My little mouth guard is my new best friend!

I’ll faithfully take care of my “chompers” as long as I am able, because that image of my mother suffering with sore and swollen gums–and no teeth is still as fresh in my mind today as it was 43 years ago.  Thanks so much for stopping by…and do have a blessed day!

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Tuesday Blog Hop–Something to make you smile…

old%20lady%20on%20HarleyDon’t you just love this photograph?  Gotta’ love those with the guts to try new things…

You know I recently became a senior citizen.  I’ve rather enjoyed walking up to the cashier and telling them that I qualify for the senior citizen discount!  Might as well get something good out of getting old!

Here are just a few things that I’ve observed about getting older:

*It gets very hard to distinguish navy from black.

*Everything old is new again, but if you wore it before, you are too old to wear it the second time around!

*Your kids are becoming you…and you may not like them.  However, the grandkids are just perfect!

*Going out is good, coming home is better…staying home is best!

*When people say you look great, they add “for your age!”

*You forget names, but it’s okay because other folks forget that they even knew you!

*The last two outfits that you wore had spots on them.

*You ask someone how an outfit looks on you–and they tell you the truth!

*That 5 pounds that you wanted to lose is now fifteen…and you have a better chance of losing your car keys than those fifteen pounds!

*You miss the days when everything worked with just an on and off switch.
*What used to be freckles, are now liver spots.
*You read 100 pages in a book before you realize that you’ve already read it.
*You use more 4 letter words, like “what?”  “when?”
*Everybody whispers
*Instead of wearing clean underwear in case you “get in” an accident, you carry extra underwear in case you “have” an accident!
That’s it for my observations…so far!   I am sure I will have more in the future.  Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by…

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Not Me, Monday…A Weekend of Wii

NotMeMondayButtonV6copy[1]Thanks so much for all of your comments about my year round tree on Friday’s post.  I have drawn a winner from all of the comments.  The lucky winner is…aik-friendsnfamily.blogspot.  I will be mailing your Halloween socks as soon as I get your address.  Congratulations, and thanks for participating.  I hope you enjoy those socks, I just loved them!  If you entered, and didn’t win, there will be another giveaway on Friday.

Now for the Not Me, Monday post….Last weekend my husband, Ed, did not tell me about a Wii game that he saw on the news that is a form of exercise that looked like a lot of fun.  We did not discuss that it might be nice to look into buying one to use as exercise for me.  I did not check on eBay and find a really good deal and buy one on Wednesday night!  The Wii  did not arrive just after lunch on Friday!  That was not fast shipping!!!

We were not getting ready to have supper, then open up and try out the Wii when our oldest son and his family came to visit.  Nobody has ever loved video games better than my oldest son!  He goes way back to the first Nintendo…However, he had not ever seen or played a Wii .  He soon had the game hooked up and ready to play!

Our oldest son and his wife did not start out with the bowling game…she did not beat him!  Oldest son hates to lose!  She did not brag about winning on Facebook!

Our youngest son did not soon come over and join in playing the Wii  on Friday night.  He and oldest son did not get into some heated tennis matches.  They did notcomplain about how hot it was in our house and begin to shed their clothes!  They did not play Wii until late Friday night…

Saturday, family was not back over at our house late in the afternoon…Both sons returned, as well as our daughter and her family!  We did not have an action packed evening of bowling, golf, and tennis.  My son-in-law did not get so “into” his bowling game that he slipped down and rolled around in the floor!!!  We did not sound like we were having a party!

Sunday, after church and lunch, Wii activities continued between our two sons…I did not hear one son say that his shoulder was sore today…from playing Wii tennis! 

Our daughter decided to try out Mario Kart.  It was not hilarious to watch people play Mario Kart because they were holding a steering wheel up in the air and driving it.  It did not look like they were driving an invisible car…

daughter and oldest son playing Mario Kart

daughter and oldest son playing Mario Kart

We did not have a seriously good time creating our individual characters for the Wii game.  That may have been the most fun of all!  My hubby does not look like a Wii “thug” complete with a black stocking hat!  My daughter’s character does not have on glasses exactly like hers and has a facial mole–we do notcall her character “Moley”.  My character does not resemble Sally Jesse Raphael…with dark hair!

I am notthe worst player of all times on Wii…I never have been able to play video games, except for the old game of Duck Hunt.  I could shoot those ducks with that little video gun!  It does not help my bowling game since I am a left-handed bowler…Perhaps I will try bowling right-handed next time…

The whole weekend did not pass without me getting a chance to  try out the balance board and the exercise games that I bought the Wii for, but we did have some seriously good family fun time and apparently some of us got some exercise!  We all got a lot of facial exercise, because we sure did smile and laugh a lot!

me and my left-handed bowling

me and my left-handed bowling

You might want to hop on over to Mckmama’s place at http://www.mycharmingkids.net and check out some other Not Me, Monday posts.  I guarantee it’ll give you some facial exercise!  Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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Six Word Saturday

Welcome! If you happen to be looking for my weekend giveaway, just scroll back to yesterday’s post! 

6wsButton It’s time for Six Word Saturday!  That’s when I have to describe my life (or something) in just six words.  I’ve been participating in this meme for over a month now, and I really look forward to it.  If you enjoy this type of thing, hop on over to Cate’s place at http://www.showmyface.com and read more Six Word Saturday posts. 

My six words are…

A picture is worth 1000 words!

100_1286Last Saturday I finally got that new living room furniture that I’d been admiring for over two months.  I could tell you how much I love it, how much I enjoy sitting and lounging around on it, or even how much I love the way it looks and smells…(love that fresh leather smell), but instead I’ll show you a picture!  I recently decorated for Halloween…did you notice the bat flying at the top of the picture?  How many people do you know that have bats hanging in their living rooms? LOL  Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great weekend…Kathy

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