Tuesday’s Blog Hop– Sweet Georgia Pines…


Our little house in the pines...

It’s a windy, cloudy day here in southeast Georgia, and the atmosphere mirrors my mood today.  I woke up to the unpleasant sound of timber being harvested.  I absolutely hate for timber to be harvested–especially when it is right next-door.  It sickens me and makes my heart ache every time I hear one of those beautiful trees fall to the ground!

Our neighbor and friend, a farmer who owns the land on one side of us and behind us,  is having his pine trees thinned out.  The forestry people recommended doing this so his remaining pine trees will grow better and be larger. 

This same farmer harvested all of his timber back in 1990.  I still remember it so well.  All of the trees were cut and cleared.  We never knew that we had neighbors living so close!   The woods made such a good barrier, that it gave the illusion of being all alone.  We’d been living here for about 13 years then. 

Ed’s daddy decided that he would have his timber cut at the same time our neighbor did back in 1990.  I cried and cried.  That was one of the few times that I ever got upset with my father-in-law.   I watched in horror as they cut all of the beautiful trees down the lane, including the large one that Ed’s mama said they always used for a shade and rest tree when they were picking cotton so many years ago.  I watched them cut the many pine trees all around Ed’s parents house.  Suddenly we could see their house from ours!  Everything looked so open and barren.

Time passed, my feelings mended, new trees grew back, and I went to work and didn’t have time to worry about pine trees so much anymore.  I believe it was in 1996, when Brandy’s then boyfriend, G, brought a bunch of small pine seedlings to our house.  He’d gotten them at school.  We all went out to the edge of our land and planted those pine trees.  Most of them lived and they are fairly large pine trees now.  We planted those trees so the next time our neighbor cut his timber, we would not be left without any trees beside us!  I still look at those trees and remember the day that we all planted them.

Speaking of trees, that is what Brandy’s husband Clint, used to do for a living.  He and his daddy had a reforestation business.  Once the land had been harvested and cleared, they would replant it in pine trees.  Clint can show you pine trees all over Georgia and South Carolina that he helped plant. 

When Brandy and Clint got married, they gave all of their guests little pine seedlings as gifts.  Clint’s family wrapped each tree’s roots in little burlap cloths over plastic,  and had a note from the bride and groom attached to each tree.  I kept two trees for Brandy and Clint,  and planted them in their yard while they were gone on their honeymoon.  One tree got sick later, but Clint nursed it back to health.  As a result, one tree is much larger than the other, even though they were planted at the same time.  Brandy and her family moved, and those trees are now located in Brett and his family’s backyard. We still refer to those trees as “Brandy” and “Clint”, and think of the amount of years they have been married by how much the trees have grown…eight years and counting.


Brandy and Clint's wedding trees...still growing

There are probably those reading this who think I’m a silly old person for carrying on over trees, but I am just a person who appreciates all living things.  I can’t help but think how long it took to grow those trees, and in the twinkling of an eye, they are gone.  The real “kicker” to this whole story is…I am allergic to pine trees!  Sorry for being a little “sappy” today about the trees… How do you feel about trees?

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  1. I have to agree with you. I don’t think trees should be cut down for no reason.
    In our city there are fines for people who cut down trees..without city permission..but i’m not sure if that stands if the trees are on their property.
    I think trees and all nature are beautiful.

    • I wish more people were appreciate of nature. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a great day! Kathy

  2. Love them! Especially my huge Japanese Maple in my backyard during the summertime!

    • Ohhh, I love maple trees, and sycamores, and tulip poplars, and….well, you get the picture! Thanks for commenting! Kathy

  3. I love trees. Pine trees do make an awful mess though…lol. I am not sure I would want them that close to my house though. What if it stormed and one landed on the house? That being said I don’t like when people just cut down everything in sight.

    • You are right, pine trees do make a mess. You should see my porches! I do think about one landing on top of the house, and used to freak out when the wind blew hard. I don’t worry about it so much any more. I just enjoy the coolness and shade. We never had any shade at our old house. Thanks for commenting! Kathy

  4. I love having trees around the house for shade in the summer and windbreaks in the winter. I will be planting a new tree in the spring to replace the one “Ike” took down last year.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Yes, trees do make nice shade and windbreaks. They also give off a lot of coolness in the summer, I’ve found. I just hope and pray one doesn’t decide to topple over on our house one day! Have a good day! Kathy

  5. Love trees and any plants in general. I am allergic to birch trees and have two in front of my house. You can’t cut them all down, so you learn to live with your allergies. I get shots for them and several other allergies which has helped.

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