Not Me Monday…

Okay, so it’s been a few weeks since I did a Not Me, Monday post, but confession is good for the soul, so here goes nothing…

I did not spend almost the entire weekend wearing my pajamas except for taking them off twice–long enough to go to church and to the store!  I would never wear my pajamas for two days, not me!  It looked like a “pajama wearing weekend” to me!

I did not spend practically the entire day on Friday gathering more pecans, only to find out that the market was not going to open on Saturday…My car was filled with pecans and nowhere to sell them…My husband did not have to unload all of them until next week!

I did not buy a turkey so large that it would barely fit in my freezer…said turkey does not weigh nearly 20 pounds…this will not be the largest bird that I have ever attempted to bake!  I may be up all night on Thanksgiving eve tending to this bird…

My husband did not learn how to “brine a bird” on television and ask me to “brine” our turkey.  I did not tell my dear hubby that I did not own a container large enough to soak this year’s turkey in!  The particular brine solution that he saw included bourbon, which might make for an interesting Thanksgiving…whoever eats the most turkey feels the best???LOL

I will not begin my four-day adventure decorating my house for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving…I will not have 4 decorated trees when I finish decorating…I am not just a little bit of a Christmas “nut”…My husband does not grumble and complain when the day after Thanksgiving arrives, because he knows that the house is about to become a “total wreck” until I finish decorating…

My husband and I have not been turning the television back and forth between Fox News and QVC all week.  My husband is not obsessed with the news and I am not obsessed with watching QVC!  I do not love to watch QVC at Christmas time…

I did not break a tooth while eating a starburst the other night!  You know you are getting old when you break a tooth eating soft candy!  I did not have to go to the dentist the following day–to be drilled and refilled.  One half of my face was not very dead for about 3 hours…this did not happen to be on the same afternoon as our Thanksgiving supper at church!

That’s it for me on this Monday.  If you would like to read more Not Me, Monday posts, hop on over to Mckmama’s place at  Have a great week everyone!  Scroll on down to find out the winner of my weekend giveaway.

***First of all, let me tell you how much I enjoyed all of your comments!  It was the best weekend that I’ve ever had for comments.  So many of you shared about your fabulous trips to places like Maui, St. Louis, Williamsburg, California, Lake Tahoe, Washington, DC and even a cruise!  I enjoyed reading about every trip!  Thanks so much to everyone for sharing.

Now for the moment we’ve waited all weekend for…the winner, chosen by, is……Sierra!  Congratulations!  I’ll be sending your prize as soon as I get your address.  There will be a new giveaway this Friday–for those of you who aren’t out fighting those Black Friday crowds!!!

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  1. No Way! No Black Friday shopping here, it’s too scary 🙂

    • I don’t do Black Friday shopping either. There is nothing out there worth getting trampled for. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Kathy

  2. i get the same way about christmas…have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  3. I love black Friday shopping. My mom and I used to go all the time and it brings back wonderful memories.
    I once broke a tooth on mashed potatoes. Try and explain that one.
    I also have a mess in the house until it is all decorated, but right now the mess in the house is of another making. I was sick last week and didn’t pick up after my husband all week.
    Did you know that you can watch QVC online? You can!!

    • Broke a tooth on mashed potatoes? That’s a good one. If I did a survey, I’ll bet you’d win for breaking a tooth on the softest food! LOL I’ve never been shopping on Black Friday, but once braved the crowd for a day after Christmas sale at Wal-mart. We arrived early and stood in line to buy an animated Santa in a sleigh for 1/2 price! Have a happy Thanksgiving! Kathy

  4. Whoohoo for the pecans! LOVE PIE!
    Happy blog hop

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