Tuesday Blog Hop–Ways To Save Money

Tis’ the season…everyone needs money, money, money!  There never seems to be enough to go around.  Too much month left at the end of the paycheck and all of that.  I wish I had some new ways to save money, but I don’t.  All of my suggestions are tried and true.  

Ways To Save Money

Eat at home whenever possible.  Meals prepared at home are much cheaper than eating out or take out.  Try to time your outings so they don’t include mealtimes.  Take snacks from home with you instead of buying them whenever you are out and about.  I can’t bear to pay over a dollar for a bottle of water or soda!

Clip coupons.  I used to do this all of the time, but there don’t seem to be as many good coupons these days. 

Buy in bulk.  If an item is on sale, I will buy more than one, especially if it’s something that Iuse a lot of–like catsup or cooking oil.  I buy whatever meat that is on sale and freeze the extra for later use.

Turn off lights when you aren’t in the room where they are burning.  Replace regular bulbs with flourescent ones.  Put Christmas lights on timers and only burn them a certain amount of time each day.

Stay home as much as possible!  This tip works for me!  If I go out anywhere, I will spend money.  If I stay home, I don’t!

Give “home-made” gifts this year.  It can be something from your kitchen or a promise to do something special for someone in the New Year.  One year when I was short on money I crocheted everyone in the family an afghan.  It took me hours and hours to make them, but they were gifts from my heart.

Only shop sales.  I have a hard time with this one…I’m always afraid it will be gone before I can catch it on sale–and sometimes it is–or it goes on sale after I buy it.

Pack your own lunch.  My husband takes his own tea for lunch every day.  He buys his meal, but saves a dollar a day on his drink. 

Take quick showers.  Our electric bill is so much less now that we don’t have teenagers living at home anymore!

Space out haircuts a little longer.  I  used to go every 5 weeks, but now I make my appointments for 6 weeks apart.

Set your thermostat and forget it.  That’s a real money saver! 

Carpool whenever you can.  My daughter and I ride with each other to do errands.  The savings on gas adds up. 

That’s about it for my money-saving tips.  I am sure there are others that I couldn’t think of.  How do you save money during these difficult economic times?

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  1. Pretty much the same way as you do, don’t go out to eat, but things on sale, clip coupons and then hit up the sales with the coupon, etc. No new suggestions here.

  2. Oh I thought of one more, do not use credit cards. If you rack up a huge bill you’ll be in debt for a long time!

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