Cooking That Thanksgiving Turkey and Dressing…Oh My!

For many years I enjoyed the Thanksgiving meal without having to contribute anything.  All I had to do was show up, eat, enjoy the meal, and maybe help clean up the kitchen…Those were the days, my friend!

Eventually, I grew up, got married, had children, and realized that I needed to do my share of cooking.  For a long time I’d cook a couple of vegetables, and a dessert.  As our parents grew older, I began to cook more and more of the meal.

My parents became ill and had to go to the nursing home at relatively early ages–60 years old!  That’s just 5 years older than I am now!  Due to this situation, I had to take over making the turkey/dressing for my side of the family a little earlier than I would’ve liked.  My children were ages 9, 6, and 3 when my parents became ill. 

Let me tell you, I learned quickly what a chore it is to be in charge of the Thanksgiving turkey and dressing!  I couldn’t believe that it took me two days to prepare a meal that it took 20 minutes to devour!   I quickly gained new respect for my parents and all of the hard work that they had done to prepare all of those delicious meals. 

At first, I had no clue how to make dressing, and my first dressing tasted like pure cornbread!  It was awful.  Fortunately, the lady who used to make  dressing for our school cafeteria, as well as all other social functions in our town, shared her recipe in a church cookbook!  Once I found  her recipe, I’ve never made dressing any other way.  It’s delicious! 

I’ve had years of practice making turkey and dressing, but the job doesn’t get any easier.  I will still be spending two days in the kitchen to prepare that 20 minute meal.  Fortunately, I am at the phase of my life where my daughter and my daughter-in-law will be preparing some dishes for me.  It certainly helps to share the work load, and I appreciate it very much!

My daughter actually offered to host Thanksgiving at her house this year.  I told her to enjoy her free time while she could, because her day was coming soon enough…Eventually, I will turn over the turkey and dressing duty to her, and once again become that guest who comes in, eats, and enjoys!  I can’t decide if I am excited about that or not…If you aren’t the one who cooks the turkey and dressing on Thanksgiving, please don’t forget to kiss the cook!

** In case you are wondering, I’m from the south, and we call it dressing instead of stuffing where I come from…Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. I can cook a turkey, but would rather just do it for my family that lives at home. That way if I mess it up, there’s only my kids to complain and not others!

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