Life After Thanksgiving…Friday’s Giveaway

gingerbread kitchen towels/matching ornament

Our family had a nice Thanksgiving, in spite of some family illness.  We got an unexpected phone call from the hospital saying that they had decided to release Ed’s mama.  I wasn’t too sure about that, but what do you do?  You know how it works, insurance/medicare tells you how long you get to stay in the hospital–then you get the boot.

So my husband went and got his mama while I finished cooking the Thanksgiving meal.  He mama is weak and a bit confused, but we were happy to be able to have her with us on Thanksgiving.  I believe that she may have suffered a second pin stroke.  Hopefully she will be all right.  Thankfully my son lives with her, and the rest of us live nearby.

Now Thanksgiving is over, everyone has gone home and I’m left with the aftermath of a holiday meal.  You know, the extra dishes that I used that must be put away, a pile of left over food to put away, dirty tablecloth to wash, etc.   I’m tired and I just want to go to bed!   I feel every year of my age tonight!

Usually I begin Christmas decorating on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and decorate through Sunday.  It takes me that long to decorate the house.  So, I will drag out the trees tomorrow and begin my task, but I am not in any hurry this year.  I’m going to take my time.  I plan to decorate 3 trees, and I plan to enjoy decorating each one of them!  I plan to play Christmas music and look at each ornament and reminisce about when and where I got it.  I’ve collected ornaments for 38 years, and I love each and every one of them!

My question for you is “How do you plan to spend this weekend after Thanksgiving?”  Will you shop, decorate the tree,  decorate your yard, or do nothing?  Share your plans in the form of a comment.  I will take comments through Sunday night at midnight. will choose the winning comment number on Monday morning.

The winning number will receive a Christmas gift bag containing a gingerbread dish towel, wash towel, and a matching Christmas ornament.  The ornament looks like a gingerbread cookie inside of the cookie cutter.  The clear gift bag will be tied with a rafia bow.   I love gingerbread decorations, and I use them to decorate my own kitchen! 

Enjoy your weekend–no matter how you choose to spend it!

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  1. Happey Thanksgiving. What did the Constitution say about Church and State?

  2. A little shopping… I’m not a black Friday shopper, but I just might venture out. Clean house, maybe get the tree up maybe not. My parents might be coming for a visit next week so the house cleaning comes first. A little relaxing and time spent with the kids is also near the top of the list!

  3. We still have family today so I will be visiting with them. Tonight we will have a big soup supper together. Mostly we will watch the cousins run around and play with each other. Cute giveaway!
    clarskrfun at gmail dot com

  4. Your Christmas decorating sounds like fun. For me it is becoming more of a task, rather than something I enjoy. I don´t know why, maybe because there are no kids around. I need to tell myself it is for me, and I do need it to “feel” the Christmas spirit.
    But I´m slowly starting to get stuff out. On Dec. 8th, we have a holiday coming up, that´s when I will put up my tree.

  5. I’ll be putting up the Christmas decorations…I’ve already finished the majority of decorating, but tomorrow is dedicaqted to the tree!

    Merry Christmas! Check out my giveaway too…FIVE winners!

  6. I did black Friday shopping online. I found a site that listed all the stores with online Friday deals. There were bargains galore to be had if you had the time to look for them.
    Tomorrow I will begin the decorating. I have a 16 building Christmas village that I hand painted myself. I painted some of the people and accessories but most of those I have purchases. It goes across the top of the entertainment center and across the front windows. This is usually a 2 or 3 day project.
    After that I will do the trees. I am hoping to have only 2 this year. I say every year that I am cutting back but it seems that I actually add to how much I put out. I don’t understand.
    I will have Christmas music while I do the decorating. My husband will tolerate this because he knows how much I love it but he is really the original Scrooge.
    After the decorating is finished the movies will come out. We have quite a collection of Christmas movies. So sometime next week the viewing will begin.

  7. The week after thanksgiving, i plan to spend most of my time on etsy, either christmas shopping or working on my own etsy shop. There are so many gifts i have to buy and so many cards i need to make. The week will be a pretty busy one!

  8. I enjoyed making some dishes and taking them somewhere else this year!
    I have my grand-daughters birthday on Saturday. Sunday will be veg time to watch holiday movies on TV. We are going on vacation next week so I am not going to decorate until I get back.

  9. Shop till I drop and eat till I pop 🙂

  10. We did a little shopping yesterday in our town – scored some great deals on clothes! Then, came home, and did the rest of my bargain hunting online, away from the black Friday frenzy. 🙂 We also worked on re-doing our kitchen, to make it more conducive to holiday baking!

  11. decorating! and eating of course!

  12. sorry – just saw the time on the comment, probably too late! it’s only 11:51 here! 😉

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