Top Five Activities That I Enjoy The Most At Christmas/Giveaway

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so it’s going to be tough to narrow down to five favorites.  I’ll give it a try…

1.  Decorating Christmas trees.  I love each and every one of my ornaments that I’ve spent years collecting.  I take a lot of time every year finding  just the right spot for each ornament.  It actually took me two days to decorate the main tree this year, but I enjoyed every minute of it!

2.  Displaying all of my Christmas Collectibles all over the house.  The worst part is deciding which ones to use, and which ones not to use.  I love every doll and village piece, and feel like I am a “traitor” when I leave one in the box at Christmas.  I am at the point in time where I leave more in the box than I display.

3.  Playing Christmas music.  I love all kinds of Christmas music, and I play it from Thanksgiving until Christmas Day.  I have collected quite a variety of cassettes and CD’s over the years, and I try to play them all at least once each Christmas.

4.  Wrapping Christmas gifts.  I love to pick out the paper, bows, and tags–then wrap the gifts up.  I tend to put it off more these days though.

5. Attending Christmas functions–cantatas, children’s programs, musicals, light displays, etc or watching Christmas movies.   All of these types of activities really put me in a holiday mood!

Many years ago shopping would’ve been high at the top of my list.  When my children were young, I was a serious Christmas shopper,  and had all of my gifts bought by the end of October.  Now that my children are grown, we don’t buy gifts for the whole family, so Christmas shopping has dropped to what would be number 6 on my list, if I had a number 6.

How about you?  What are your 5 favorite Christmas activities?

I will be running a tw0-week giveaway for a ten dollar Wal-mart gift card.  This is due to the heavy volume of mail and the busy time of the year.  Just leave a comment any time during the next two weeks and your name will be entered in my drawing to be held on New Years Day.  I will enter your name every time that you leave a comment, whether it’s 2 or 20!  Have fun–I love your comments!

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  1. Decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music are definitely among the top!


  2. Kathy, Hope you have a great weekend. Sounds like you have been busy. Blessings, Audrey

  3. I love:
    1. Christmas music! (O Holy Night is one of my favorites!)
    2. Baking!
    3. Finding the perfect gifts for family!
    4. The beautiful snow outside!
    5. Pulling out all the Christmas scented candles, etc.

  4. First off I will comment on your favorite things.
    I absolutely love your tree. It is gorgeous. I can tell that you loved decorating it. It shows. I understand about Christmas collectibles. It is hard to know what to put where because you want to change it up from last year.

    My 5 favorite things are:

    1. Decorating the house. This encompasses the tree, the village, and everything else. I had to lump them all together so I could free up numbers.

    2. The music. I play the stereo more at this time of year than all year long. I love the traditional carols. I sometimes play them in the summer, if I happen to come across a cd.

    3. I love the movies. I have a box full. I start at Thanksgiving watching. My husband doesn’t care for them but he very patiently watches with me. All except the musicals. He brings a cross word book out to work in. I am always searching for other movies too. I mean because really can you have too many Christmas movies? I think not.

    4. I love to bake. So Christmas give the perfect excuse to bake in excess. I am behind this year but I will still get a few kinds done. I reinvented a dinner roll recipe this week. It called for buttermilk. All I had was skim and whipping cream. So I took some lemon juice and the cream. What a rich tasting roll it made.

    5. I like to ride at night and see all of the lovely decorated homes. Everything is so cheerful and colorful. I just wish people would leave them up all year.

    Well that is my list.
    I hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas Kathy.
    I pray that God shines all of his blessing on you and yours.

    • Trudy, I love your list! It’s so similar to mine. I can tell that you love this time of the year as much as I do! I enjoy some baking, too, but not as much as I used to. I have sort of lost interest in cooking for some reason–and I used to love it! I will make some cookies and candies though. We have a place near here called Guido Gardens which is just beautiful this time of year. It’s all decorated with religious themed light displays. There’s a glass chapel located on the grounds that is awesome at night, actually it’s awesome during the day, also. The owner of Guido Gardens was a preacher–Michale Guido, and he used to sit in the chapel and welcome visitors as they passed through. Unfortunately, he passed away this year. I hope I get to visit the Garden this year. Thanks for all of your commets! You have a Merry Christmas, too! Kathy

  5. I am surprised that only two of us have left a comment. I tried to get things done today, but my husband insisted that I take the day off. So tomorrow I am starting the day already behind. This is not a good thing so close to Christmas. I will work double time and catch up.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

    • I didn’t get much accomplished today either. I can’t seem to get in gear! Perhaps we will both get moving tomorrow. Thanks for commenting! Kathy

  6. I don’t know if I should continue to comment here or not so I will.
    I got two different kinds of cookies baked today. TWO!
    Tomorrow I have to be out and about so no baking. But I feel real good about the two. At least there will be cookies for Christmas.

  7. 1. we pick out a live tree and cut it down
    2. we have a live nativity at our church
    3. baking cookies with my grandkids
    4. decorate my house with all the decorations I have collected over the years
    5. And I love to shop!

  8. I love Christmas so much – it’s definitely my favorite time of the year! My top five are…

    1. Weather – waking up to a fresh layer of snow blanketing the ground is so gorgeous! Then, going out, building snow men, having snow ball fights – it makes it feel like Christmas. 🙂

    2. Music – as the church pianist, I love playing all the Christmas carols, especially Hark, the Herald Angels Sing. It sets you in a good mood, no matter what might have happened. And, I think, the music helps me realize once again the blessing of Christmas.

    3. Baking. We enjoy decorating the gingerbread men, the gingerbread house, and baking plates of cookies for our friends and neighbors. And, the house smells amazing, after a day of cooking!

    4. Family. Christmas always meant the time when our entire family got together, put aside any arguments or disagreements we might be having, and enjoyed each other. I really miss being able to head home (to Hawaii), but I treasure the memories I’m making with my hubby and daughter.

    5. Decorating the Christmas Tree. I always need a real Christmas tree, because I love the smell of fresh pine. It’s so neat to decorate the tree, drink a cup of hot chocolate, and listen to my hubby read the Christmas story. Even my toddler loves hanging the ornaments and squeals in delight at seeing her reflection in the colorful balls! 🙂

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