Not Me, Monday…Dashing Through the Rain In Our Old White Mini Van

My Not Me, Monday post today is about a recent shopping trip that I went on.  If you enjoy my story, you may want to hop over to Mckmama’s place at  and check out more Not Me posts.

The other day my daughter and I did not go on the shopping trip from hell…Sorry about that word, but no other word would accurately describe the trip!  It was truly one of those days!

First of all, let me say that we don’t plan trips in the rain.  Both my husband and I have been involved in accidents during rain storms, so we only go out in the rain if we have to.  Next, we were going on our shopping trip in the  Mercury Villager Mini Van that used to mine, but was passed down to Brandy when she became a parent and really  needed a van….that’s how the old white mini van fits in the title.   Now!  On with the story… 

My daughter, Brandy, and I planned a shopping trip for one day last week after checking the weather to make sure it wasn’t going to rain.  It  begin to rain about the time we arrived in Hinesville–about 40 minutes from where we live.  You just can’t trust those lying weathermen!

After shopping around in Big Lots, we did not come out of the store to find that it was pouring rain!  Brandy did not develop a headache about this time, but I still asked her if she minded if I went in Bath and Body Works quickly.  She agreed to wait in the car with granddaughter, Madison.

While I was quickly trying to shop in Bath and Body Works I did not also develop a headache due to the very loud Christmas music that was playing in the store…I did not want to yell “Turn the music down!”  I made my purchases as quickly as I could– considering I couldn’t think– because of that darn loud music!

Brandy, Madison, and I decided to head home immediately after the Bath and BodyWorks trip…One the way home Brandy did not get so sick that she had to pull over and let me drive…About this time, Madison did not decide that she was hungry, tired, and cranky!  Her DVD player wouldn’t play and she kept crying and whinning in the backseat.  I did not finally unplug the stupid DVD player out of aggravation!  I would never do such a thing!!!  Unplugging the DVD player increased the intensity of the wails coming from the backseat–and the intensity of our headaches!

When we finally arrived home from our not-so-fun shopping trip, I did not send Brandy to her house to rest, while I brought Madison home with me.  I  feed her lunch, then put on the DVD of The Nutcracker Ballet, get on one couch myself, and tell Madison not to move off the other couch!  I would never resort to a video of The Nutcracker for a babysitter–not me…but, yet I did and I enjoyed the calming music.

Well, that was our last shopping trip…hum, I am about to get ready to go on one last outing four days before Christmas…Do we dare try it again???  Sure, why not, nothing ventured–nothing gained!   I might even have another Not Me, Monday to write about next week!!!   Have a great day, ya’ll….Kathy

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  1. Oh dear is all I can say.
    Except, yes the Nutcracker is oh so soothing.

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