Tuesday Blog Hop…Favorite Christmas Memories

Cast members of one of the Anderson Programs

Back in 1982,  a small family of four people made a very selfless decision.  They decided to do something special for the community at Christmas instead of buying each other Christmas presents.  That decision was the beginning of one of my all-time favorite Christmas memories, “The Anderson Christmas Program”.

Every member of the Anderson family was exceptionally talented.  Apparently they also knew other people in the community who were talented as well.  Their first show had a small cast consisting of their family, and just a few cousins and  friends. 

The house that the Andersons lived in looked somewhat like a “storybook house” and made a perfect backdrop for their program.  The family designed and painted other props for the program and placed them in the front yard of their home.  The members of the cast paid to have their own costumes made, and spent many hours rehearsing for the program.

The Andersons had a professional musical soundtrack made for their program, bleachers were brought in, and stage lights and spot lights were set up in the yard.  It was an impressive production.

Beginning a week before Christmas through Christmas Eve, The Andersons held 2 shows each night.  Thousands of people came to see those shows, and each year the shows got bigger and better–and it was absolutely free to the public! 

The Andersons Christmas Program continued each year for about ten years, then it ended.  Our family never missed a show!  Some years we even went to see it twice.  It was so impressive to see the talent that lives here in our small town.  Many of the cast were small children–so talented and cute!  It was impressive to think of the hard work and sacrifice that all of the people involved in this project gave of themselves each and every year for so many years. 

The Anderson children have grown up and moved away.  I never go by their house that I don’t think of all of the years of Christmas entertainment that their family gave us.  Those chilly nights… sitting in their front yard…with my family… watching an Anderson Christmas Show is definitely high on my list of favorite Christmas memories!  

Just an interesting note:  the Anderson’s daughter, Oshja, went on to win the title of “Miss Georgia” in 1999!

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