Little Miss Perfect…Oh My!

“Little Miss Perfect”…not your typical eight year old child

This week I was scrolling through the channels for something to watch and I came across a show entitled “Little Miss Perfect”.  It’s a show about pageant children and their moms.  I was so appalled, that I sat and watched over three hours of episodes of this show–just to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was.  All episodes were basically the same–just different people in different places.  Now, I may be about to ruffle a few feathers, but I am sorry if I do.  I was so appalled at this show that I just have to voice my opinion.

There have been pageants for as long as I can remember.  I’ve never especially cared for them myself.  Too much “fakeness” and “much ado about nothing”–that’s my personal opinion.  I’ve been to maybe two or three pageants in my lifetime.  That was more than enough for me.

First of all, the title “Little Miss Perfect” is what caught my attention in the first place.  Who in the world would come up with such a title?  Who in this world is perfect?

I watched parents–some who obviously couldn’t afford it– spending thousands of dollars on dresses and accessories for these pageants!  Four hundred-dollar bathing suits!  Why in the world would you be spending all of that money on pageants when you could use your money more wisely–like saving up for a house or saving for a college education for your child?

I watched parents spray tanning their little girls, putting hair extensions in their hair, putting on fake eyelashes,  even making them wear “a flip” which is a set of fake teeth to cover their real teeth.  To me, all of these things were sending the message “you’re not good enough the way God made you”.

The amazing thing that I noticed about these pageant tyrants–who were mothers and grandmothers–is that they were over-weight, frumpy-looking people!  They were trying to make their little girls “perfect”, when they all could use a make-over themselves!  I wondered if they were living out some “desire of their own” through those poor children.  What ever happened to being a child?  What ever happened to playing dolls or playing house?

I saw the disappointed faces of the little girls who didn’t win, and wondered what in the world must they be thinking.  I watched the judges make snide comments about the little girls as they judged them, and I watched pageant moms squabble among themselves.  Oh my!  What has our world come to?  Isn’t the world cruel enough without throwing our children in among the wolves on purpose?  I’m curious, what do you think of pageants?  What do you think of  the title of “Little Miss Perfect?  What do you think of the eight year “Little Miss Perfect” in the photo?

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  1. i can’t believe the amount of money that they spend. it’s unreal!

  2. OMG!!! Is she a child??? She looks like a 20’s years old lady!!! I’m live in Brazil, where we usually see little girls acting like whor***, copyng wath they watch on television, it’s sad to know that the childhood is over in other places too 😦

    • Yes!:(

  3. I agree with you. Let the little girls be “little girls”. They are just asking for trouble when they enter these contests. What a cute giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  4. wow eight years old! please sign me up for the Valentine’s Giveaway

  5. That little girl is beautiful but she looks like a teenager. I agree with you though, that title is atrocious! I feel bad for those kids who will probably not grow up as well balanced, well rounded individuals.

    • Yes, its awfull or when we say on norwegian: Det er forferdelig som Faen.

  6. So sad, those little girls without a childhood.

    Thanks for the giveaway! If any of you have chance, hop on over to my spot for an entry for my Busy Person’s Prayer Book giveaway…


  7. The socks look comfy:-)

  8. I hate to see these little girls forced into the pageants. It is so unfair. Look what happened to Jon Renae Ramsey.
    They get bed ideas of how they should look from celebrities also. Like the woman who just this week had 10 plastic surgeries in one day. She was beautiful before. But she didn’t think so.
    It is all so very sad.
    Those socks look like they were made for my feet.

  9. my mom had me in baby pagents growing up, and it was nothing like the stuff they do now! parents aren’t helping with the fact that kids grown up too fast – especially these. why does an 8 year old need makeup on?!

  10. I cannot believe how awful that is for a girl’s self-esteem. That girl looked far from 8 and I am disgusted. I would never allow my child to participate in a pageant for that reason! I wouldn’t mind if she wanted to be a Fair Queen or the like but nothing involving that much makeup and scarring! Thanks for the great post!

  11. That little 8-year-old looks like in her twenties and this is wrong. What sort of parents would deck a child in all things fake all for perfection and vanity?

  12. I think that you if you want your child to be in a children’s pageant, they should look like children. They shouldn’t look like undergrown 40 year-old porcelain doll. Its not right, it’s not pretty and it’s too much hair, make-up, glitters and fake-everything-but-your-skin. This may be harsh but my daughter is beautiful without all the fake. I would much rather her be a tomboy than a beauty queen.

  13. The most horrible thing about these pageants are that most mothers most likely live their own dreams through their young little girls- cause they never got the chance! I must say and do belive some of the mothers have totally ruined their daughters confidence and not only the pageant it self. Cause the child would probably never have choosen this for themself- at the age of five (or any other age for that matter)!. If this a program to show mother/daughter realationship- they have really lost it. One of the mothers I saw, actually spoke quite harsh and in quite a bad way to her own little daugther. One of the mothers said several times; Winning will boost her selfasteem. And if she looses she will be devestated. The mothers MAKE that choice for their young little girls. If you choose to let your little girl go through these horrible feelings they put them through, they should really try to join a pageant themselfs, and see how they would manage- if they just made 2nd runner up or even worse. The big diffrence between the mothers and the young girls is huge, the grown ups have the experience the children don’t have. I think the mothers have failed as a mother, if they “brainwash” their daughters to belive that you are only pretty if you smile, dance, move or talk in the right way. And what kind of values and belives of their selfasteem do they teach their children? I was raised to belive in me, as an individual and be strong for me and that true beauty does come from the inside and that no matter what others say- there’s only one of you and you are unik in your own way!

  14. I don’t think that pageants are horrible just like I don’t think that Christmas or Birthday parties are horrible. The sad thing that goes along with all of these three things are those that are overly materialistic that miss out on what the meaning behind these things should be. Christmas is for giving, celebrating (religiously if you choose) and togetherness. When I hear about shootings fights and stabbings over this years “must have” toy it leaves me shaking my head and disappointed in the materialistic side of Christmas. Same with overly elaborate birthday parties. Pageants are meant to highlight (yes, beauty) but also public service and personal accomplishments. It has unfortunately for some moms become a status of how many titles one person can hold in a lifetime or how many crowns one can have sitting on their shelf. It is sad to see reality shows such as this that highlight this type of behavior and expectation of children at such a young age. Pageants can be a wonderful way for children, teens and young adults to earn savings bonds and college scholarships, but not at the loss of a childs self esteem or self worth just because their parents spent hundreds of dollars on their attire and entry fees then they didn’t win any of it back.

  15. Wow very good.I agre with you. girls should be them not girls who where make up and other shit.

  16. I agree with all you guys. In my opinion, these contests only feed the pedophiles. You can see the obsession of these mothers, to make their daughters look “beautiful” .. or what they think is the concept of beauty. These small no childhood, nor allow them to develop like any girl her age. I feel like we as parents do encourage constumbres, ideas and thoughts so wrong in the minds of our own children. I’m sorry my writing, I’m American and I’m just learning.
    In any case, the law should prohibit these “contests” and protect the integrity of most little girls. Then go around asking for the kidnap, rape them. Why? If their own mothers exhibited as collectible dolls.

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