A Different Kind of “Drive Thru”…and…Friday’s Giveaway


Yesterday’s post was about visits to doctor’s offices.  In keeping with that same train of thought, I’d like to share an interesting and funny story with you.

My husband’s mother was a nurse who worked in doctor’s offices for over thirty years.  She worked for several different doctors, then eventually ended up working for one doctor, we’ll call him Dr. S,  for close to twenty years.

At first Dr. S had an office in the same town where we  live.  After a few years, he decided to close the office in our hometown and move across from our county hospital–about seventeen miles away.  We thought that Ed’s mother might retire, as she was about that age,  but she chose to make the move with Dr. S.

Several more years passed and Ed’s mother made the thirty-four mile trip to work and back every day.  She loved her job, and never missed a day of work for any reason.  Meanwhile, Ed’s daddy was already retired and enjoying the “good life”.

One morning Ed’s mother drove to work and pulled up in front of the doctor’s office just like always.  Something happened and she accidentally put her foot on the gas instead of the brake and plowed right inside of the doctor’s office building!  When she stopped, the entire car was inside of the waiting room!

Fortunately, it was too early to have any  patients  in the doctor’s office, or the ones sitting in the waiting room would’ve gotten an unwelcome surprise.  Ed’s mother was fine, she didn’t get hurt at all.  This was probably due to the fact that she was driving a large car!  Her car was another matter…although it looked pretty good– compared to the doctor’s office–there wasn’t a place on the car that wasn’t scratched or dented.  As a result of this, the poor car was “totaled”.

Ed’s mother got another car, the doctor had his office building repaired and business went on as usual.  Ed’s mother actually continued to work a while longer,  until Dr. S decided to retire–and she was older than he was!

  We don’t think about it very often–how Ed’s mother turned the doctor’s office into a “drive thru”, but when we do, it always makes us laugh!  All’s well, that ends well.

This weekend’s giveaway is a Valentine’s dish towel, Valentine’s cookie cutters, and a magnetic shopping list.  To be entered for a chance to win,  just choose up to three numbers between 1-100.  If two or more people choose the same winning number, the first one choosing it wins.  Whoever comes closest to the number chosen by Random.org–without going over–WINS!  Giveaway ends 1/24/10 at midnight EST.  Winner to be announced on Monday.

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  1. 23?

  2. I’ll pick 3, 29, & 66.

    • Thanks for entering my giveway. Good luck! Kathy

  3. okay, is there any chance ?

  4. 57, 92, 31

    That is a funny story. Thankfully no one was hurt!

  5. 42, 75, 14

    mjblog09 at gmail dot com

  6. Neat giveaway idea! I guess 10, 72, 88

    coconutbananabliss @ gmail.com

  7. Hmm, how ’bout 13, 28, & 76? 🙂

  8. 18

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