Love Those Doctor’s Appointments–Not!

Author’s note:  This post was written yesterday.

Is there any worse way to spend a day than in a doctor’s office?  Really!  I just about as soon have my eyeballs plucked out as to do “the doctor visit thing”!  In fact, I am sitting in the doctor’s office as I write this post–the old-fashioned way–with pen and paper!  Everyone is wondering what I am doing…

First of all–you might as well plan to pack a lunch and make a day of it when you go to my doctor!  There is always a minimum of an hour and a half wait, on a good day, and that’s just in the waiting room!  Then you can add-on at least another thirty minutes to an hour in the back exam room.  I’ve never had a visit that lasted less than two hours.  It takes nearly three hours to get to the city and back home, so that pretty much takes care of the better part of a day, with a total of five to six hours.

I get the “pleasure” of repeating this scenario every four to six months–and have done this for the past sixteen years.  Oh, the joys of having a chronic disease!  These visits roll around way too often.  My rheumatologist is also the closest one located in our area–and the only one!

On top of the two or three hours of waiting, my doctor has the most uncomfortable chairs in the world in his waiting room.  He’s a rheumatologist, which means that he treats patients with arthritis related diseases–which means pain!  You’d think he might be sympathetic, and have soft cushy chairs, but no–he has hard, low-backed chairs and metal folding chairs!  If you are having a pain-free day when you go, you won’t be having one after sitting in the waiting room!

After all the squirming around in those chairs, followed by more of the same in the exam room, the doctor finally comes in and looks over your chart, discusses any problems, looks you over a little bit, then writes refills for prescriptions, then he’s out the door!  It sort of reminds me of a wedding–you wait and prepare forever, then… all the sudden it’s over! 

Did I mention that it costs me a fifty dollar co-pay to go, and spend the day at the doctor’s office, plus the money for the gas to get there.  It also takes me a day to rest up from the trip!  Gotta’ love it!

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  1. That sounds like an awful day.
    I was at the doctor today. I have a 45 minute drive each way. Not too bad. I was seen almost as I walked in the door. But the person behind me was going to have to wait because I had a lot to talk to the doctor about. Sorry! My doctor is great and really takes the time to listen to any of my concerns. Then as luck would have it I was able to have a mamogram done today. Its OK though saved me a trip in. Now that is done for another year. My trip home was not so nice. It was raining. ONly problem was that the temperature was only 24! It froze on my windshield almost brofe it could br scraped off. It took a bit longer to get home. And NO I don’t like spending the day at the doctor.

    • Hi, I just left your blog. I enjoyed the post. Sounds like your trip home from the dr. was scarey with the icy windshield…all that and a mammogram, too. How much fun can a woman have in one day? LOL Kathy

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