Six Word Saturday

Welcome to Six Word Saturday..the meme that requires us to describe our life in just six words.  My six words for today are:  I need to buy a boat!

We have had so much rain here in the past couple of months!  The ground is saturated.  There is no where else for the water to go.  When I walk on the ground outside–water squishes under my feet.  Worst of all, the water in our well is getting cloudy from so much fresh rainfall.  There is something unsettling about bathing in cloudy water!  Unfortunately, more rain is supposed to fall on Sunday and Monday.  If it does, I will need to buy a boat! 

This was the view from our back door on Thursday

If you would like to participate in this weekend’s giveaway, just choose up to three numbers between 1 and 100. will choose the winning number on Monday.  Person coming closest to the winning number without going over wins the Valentine’s gifts shown on Friday’s post.  Have a great weekend…Kathy

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  1. We also got ton of rain from that storm, we also need a boat! Very funny. I hope the next rain storm isn’t as big.

  2. ~can i come along if that boat comes your way…could be quite a journey and alot of fun…wishing you much calmer days ahead…brightest blessings~

  3. I need galoshes for my dogs… then we’ll all get into the boat and float away!

  4. Wow that’s alot of rain. I would need a boat too.

  5. Good grief!!! And ugh @ all the mud I’m sure is lurking around too! Hope it dries up quickly and the watered earth provides some really fantastic spring flowers because of all the rain!!

    Happy 6WS


  6. Mother nature is just topsy turvy right now. The entire country is getting unusual weather.

  7. Hope the rains does not stop you from enjoying the weekend!
    Have fun!Happy 6ws!

  8. An inner tube will float you!

    A six word response from the

  9. Oh good grief! Poor you! I feel soggy just looking at that picture. Hope it lets up soon!!

  10. Kathy, It is raining here tonight really bad. That is alot of rain. Is that a Rabbit Hutch in your yard? I have missed you my Friend. Love you, Audrey

    • Audrey, you are very observant. Yes, that is a rabbit hutch in my yard. I have two rabbits. I’ll have to do a post soon and explain about them. I’ve missed you, too–been checking your blog and wondering…It’s good to have you back on line again. Don’t you have a grandchild due to arrive soon? I thought I remembered that from a past post. Blessings, Kathy

  11. Wow, crazy amount of rain. Forget a boat, by an ark?

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

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