The Dreaded Stomach Virus…

There is nothing in the world that I hate more than the dreaded stomach virus!  Just mentioning those words makes my stomach begin to roll and feel queasy.  It’s a mystery to me how a non-serious illness can make you think that you are dying!  Oh, I know that the complications from having it can become serious, but most of us don’t get to that point–but we feel like we are on our deathbed!

Being the parents of three children, my husband and I saw our fair share of the stomach virus over the years!  Usually if one child got it, the others did, too.  Once when we were the parents of only two small children, both ended up in the hospital overnight due to dehydration.  I was a nervous wreck back then when it came to shots and stuff.  My husband did the duty and stayed with them overnight in the hospital.  He’s one in a million! 

Another time, our youngest got sick with a virus that just hung on.  He couldn’t keep anything down for several days.  The doctor agreed to give him one more day before admitting him for IV fluids…I was in a panic.  I didn’t want another hospital stay.  On that last day, the virus passed and he was finally able to eat and drink something–and keep it down. 

My husband never seems to get the virus.  I don’t think he’s had it more than a half a dozen times in all the years that we’ve been married.  I only remember him having it really bad one time.  I find this interesting since he works in a hospital.  I, however, have had it more than my fair share of times! 

When I went to work at the elementary school, about twenty years ago, I caught everything in sight!  If a child had it–I caught it.  I was sick more days than I was well, during my first year of work.   It got so bad at one point, the doctor made me take some time off from work to help build up my immune system.  After that first year, I didn’t get sick as much.

  I can’t count how many times that I had to deal with vomit at school!  It wasn’t uncommon for a child to eat lunch, then vomit in their plate!  Man, that will ruin your lunch in a hurry!  Just outside of the cafeteria was another popular spot for children to lose their lunch.  

Almost daily, a child threw up somewhere in the school.  Once one of our students threw up on their book bag, but at least it wasn’t in it!  Soiled underwear were quite common, too. The teacher and I actually kept some spare pairs in the classroom!  One day when the teacher and I were both absent, a child threw up on our substitute teacher in the lunchroom!  I’m sure glad we missed that one!

Last year the stomach virus hit my daughter’s house.  Brandy’s house has new carpeting which granddaughter Madison promptly threw up on and left a faint orange stain…Madison was two, and was experiencing her first bout with the stomach virus.

This year the stomach virus has hit my oldest son’s house.  His wife had it earlier last night, then my son got it later during the night…That just leaves baby Cade.  I went to the store and bought them some Poweraid and some Pepto Bismol– my two ” standby remedies”.  In fact while I was there, I bought some for myself–just in case.  Let’s hope I don’t need it!

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  1. Ugh! I hate the stomache flu! Last year both my kids and I got sick on the exact same day. All of us were sick for about 4 or 5 days before beginning to feel better and it took an extra few days before anyone had their strength back. When I was pregnant with Bethany, Elisha and I both got sick and Yohn had to stay home to take care of us. No fun at all.

    Stay well!

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