Six Word Saturday

My six words for this Saturday are:  I’m so old, I can remember…

When automobiles actually had metal bumpers

When a loaf of bread only cost a quarter

When Wednesday night at the movies cost a dime

When a piece of candy cost a penny

When  little girls only wore dresses to school

When all little girls wanted a Tiny Tears doll because she cried real tears

When there were record stores and they sold singles and albums

 How about you–what can you remember?

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  1. I remember when it was worthwhile to put $3 of gas in the car. And my mother sent me to the store for bread, milk and eggs with $5 and expected significant change.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  2. I remember rollerblades first coming out and being all the rage. I remember scooters you had to manually push. I remember having to blow on the video game system to make it work right. I remember getting a beeper for Christmas because it was the new gadget every teen had to have. I remember going to movies and NOT having the “Please silent your cell phone” message because not many people had them then. I remember when Pixar first came out and no one believed they could really make a movie look 3D with computers. I remember the HamBurlger being with McDonalds before someone claimed he was politically incorrect and made them dump him and I remember a time when television was only used for sick days or when it rained for days on end and Mom just needed something to keep us quiet for a bit as a last resort.

    • Great comment! I remember my children blowing on those video games, too. And when beepers were popular. I’d forgotten about the Hamburgler, though. Thanks for the memories, and for stopping by! Kathy

  3. I remember going to McDonalds and getting a hamburger, fries and coke for under $1.00. I remember having roller skates that tightened with a key. I remember the first Troll dolls. I remember having a “sit-in” at high school to allow us to wear jeans/pants to school. I remember thinking my mom at 50 was very, very old.
    I must be ancient.

    • Yes, I remember those cheap McDonald days, too. I had forgotten about the skate keys though. I remember thinking age fifty was all but ready for the old folks home. LOL I always liked those troll dolls, did you?

  4. I remember when we had videos not DVDs, when everyone had push lawnmowers, when all the gas stations had to change their signs to accommodate 3 digits instead of 2, when my grandpa’s secretaries had typewriters not computers…and, that’s about all. I think I’m kinda young. 🙂

    • Good old typewriters, now there’s something I haven’t thought of in a while. Thanks for the memory. LOL

  5. I remember all of that too. ((smile)) I love to remember the “good old days”! Thanks for the memories.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  6. Oh how fun! I remember all that and I had a Tiny Tears baby! Hmmm…she has to be somewhere in one of the ga-zillion boxes I am still holding onto! (We are military and as good as my hubby is about going and tossing things out, I still manage to have untaped boxes “saved”.)

    haha loved reading the comments left here too! Great memories!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (and thank you soo much for stopping by and commenting! I had to laugh, cuz I have a hard time “drawing a straight line”! My hubby is my quality control guy, when it comes to centering and lining things up! But I am very thankful and blessed that the drawings that I do, I love, love, love to do and that others are interested in them. Also, I am sure that you would enjoy a trip to Hawaii. It has been so great to meet you through this world of blogging!)

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