Blizzard Bloghop…Meet and Greet

I am participating in the Blizzard Bloghop that is being hosted by Ann Marie at .  It’s a fun was to meet and greet new bloggers, and we appreciate her hosting it!

Welcome to the home of Reflections…by Kathy.  A blog that is  a recollection of stories from life–about our family.  I write about any and everything, and… sometimes reflect about what I would’ve done different…  if only I’d known the things that I know now.  If you like stories of the “good old days” you might enjoy Reflections! 

The family...Seems like this was just last year...Oh, it was!


I love doing bloghops,  having contests,  and giveaways!   I have a giveaway every weekend!  Wait!  In fact, I’m having a giveaway this weekend, check it out on Friday’s post!  I love meeting new people, and reading what they have to say–especially witty clever ones. 

I am a Christian woman who lives in southeastern Georgia–the land of mosquitoes and gnats!  It never snows here–only wind and rain!  Our summers here are miserably hot and humid–and did I mention the mosquitoes and gnats?  Of course the beach is located only 75 miles away in two different directions, so we make do!

  The farthest I’ve ever traveled is to  Memphis, TN.  There’s no place like home…  I do love the beach and the mountains though.  I’ve never seen actual clear ocean water–it’s the last thing on my “Bucket List!  I’m hoping to see the Florida Keys one day…I’m a big dreamer. LOL

I’m officially a “senior citizen” as of 2009 and I’m proud of my status.  It only took me 55 years to get there!  I love my senior citizen’s discounts!  With age comes wisdom, I like to believe that I am smarter than I once was–but not as smart as I’d like to be–I’m still working on my computer skills.

I’ve had a good life, so far.  I do have an unidentified disease, probably rheumatoid arthritis, but it’s under control 99% of the time, so I can’t complain…much!  I enjoy all sorts of hobbies–crafts, crocheting, sewing, doll collecting, scrapbooking, reading,  but  my favorite is blogging!

I’m blessed to be married to a wonderful man, Ed,  who is “one in a million”.  He always puts his family first.  We have been married for almost 38 years–and it seems like no time at all!  We were separated for nearly 3 years before we married, due to his tour of army duty, but once he got out, we’ve been inseparable…sort of like salt and pepper or ketchup and mustard…

me and hubby

Hubby and I were blessed with a daughter, then two sons.  Our “baby” is now 24 and still a bachelor.   Our two oldest children are married, and each has one child–which means that we are grandparents to a fiesty little girl, age 3, and a precious little boy, age 1.  I think being a grandparent is “grand”!  Our entire family lives on one 30 acre farm!  We can all see each other’s houses!  Did I mention that we are a close family, too?

I am enjoying early retirement from my previous job as an elementary school paraprofessional.  I realized, too late, that my “calling” in life was to be a teacher.  I love teaching and I love learning, but I retired early after being paired with a  teacher less than half my age…to much drama there–I was too old to raise another child!  I truly did love my job though.

I am an animal lover by nature.  I have many assorted pets due to my years of volunteer service at our local animal shelter.  My collection includes 17 cats, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits, and a parakeet!  I sometimes share my experiences of working at the shelter with my readers.  I get the strangest looks when I shop for pet food–by the cart full…it’s always a great conversation starter.

I’m honored to have readers come and visit my blogs!  I actually have two of them–not  readers–BLOGS!   Thanks for taking time to visit–do come again!  If you leave a comment, it’ll get you entered in my Bath and Body Works  giveaway, too!

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  1. So nice to meet you Kathy. I can’t believe you have 17 cats! We can’t keep up with 2 dogs and some fish! We’re experiencing a little ice storm right now in Illinois, trust me, you aren’t missing much! I’d much rather have the ocean than the corn fields!!

  2. So nice to meet you! Looks like you and your family have lots of fun! I’m off to see more of your blog!

  3. Hi Kathy! I am glad I visited your blog. Looking forward to getting to know you better 🙂

  4. Your halloween costume cracked me up! Adorable.

    Happy Bloghopping!

  5. Woot! I love you already! Anyone who can wear a condiment costume is a kindred spirit of mine!

  6. So nice to meet you! I love the ketchup and mustard! How original and cute! Happy Blog Hopping!

  7. Okay. Love the picture of the guys on the couch with the reindeer antlers. Classic. My hubby is from GA, Duluth in Gwinnett County. We love it down there. But yes, the bugs and humidity is a bit much for me. Great to meet you.

    Lori Z

  8. It’s nice to meet you Kathy. I’m Christy, an Army wife, expecting baby #5 and joyfully live in Germany and am very blessed by the Lord that he called our family to homeschool!

  9. I really am a newby still to a lot of what blogging is about…thankyou for stopping by! I love your ketchup and mustard photo! and boy oh boy…do we know about the coastal Georgia gnats! Thank goodness, we dont live back in the day…antebellum times with heavy clothes, no air conditioning… and have to deal with them vicious sand gnats! Whew!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    I notice that you reply sometimes.. but I;m not good at checking back, and not sure where your followers link is here. I hope you come back again :o)

  10. Hi from Bloghop, it’s nice to meet you. I love your Husband and yours’ Halloween costumes :]

  11. Just stopping by on the blog hop. I love the costumes. What a great idea. I look forward to reading your posts. Have a blessed day!

  12. […] is the Valentines theme at our next stop. Meet Kathy and Ed who have been in a state of holy matrimony for nearly 38 years. I’m a […]

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